Ag-Lab project Newsletter #2

January 2019

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Happy New Year from the Ag-Lab Project!

The third Steering Committee meeting of the Ag-Lab project took place in Lviv, Ukraine from 6th to 7th December 2018

A full report of activities fulfilled during first 6 months of the project was presented by Olga Getya, from Ukrainian partner “Agroosvita “

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Results so far...

After one year, the outcomes of the Ag-Lab project are the following:

- Development and validation of the training courses for master students devoted to the laboratory practice in the field of veterinary medicine, food technologies, agronomy and animal husbandry;

- Launching of the pilot courses for master students at MD, UA and GE universities;

- Purchase of the equipment by some of the universities, other universities are in the process;

- Development of the training programme for the post-diploma courses for acting laboratories staff;

- Implementation of the quality strategy under the coordination of the Wroclaw university of environmental and life sciences;

- Carrying out of the technical work for the Web-portal;

- Different dissemination actions: publications, TV programmes, exhibitions (LabComplex in UA), film in GE.

The second set of Training Sessions also took place in Lviv from 4th to 5th December 2018

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Identification of falsification of dairy products, Anna Steciwko-Zielak, WUELS

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Partners then had the opportunity to visit the Lviv state regional laboratory of the veterinary medicine

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Project Dissemination

The Ag-Lab project has already been disseminated through different seminars and conferences held at partner universities, Information days, events organized by Erasmus+ offices, TV programs, publications and through partner university web sites and social media. A short film dedicated to the Ag-Lab project will be available in April 2019.

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