Greek and Roman government

Government in Ancient Rome

Acient Rome developed their own form of government. It was very democratic when it's own people were concerned. The governsment was functioned by kings. At first they were a republic. With Julius Caeser as their leader. Then he got stabbed, and they became a democracy.


Women normally did domestic work,spinning,weaving,and other work. They usually stayed at home.

If men were not training in military or discussing politics, they went to the theater for entertainment.

Children in Acient Greece spent most of their time playing with toys and games.

Some of the leaders


Slavery played an important role in Ancient Rome

Slaves were concierges property in Acient Rome. Some slaves were employed at highly skilled jobs. Teachers, accountants,and physicians were often slaves. Unskilled slaves worked on farms,mine, and at mills.

The government changed under the Roman Empire

The government started changing when Rome started conquering and killing people. The Roman generals begun to take over the government. They did as hey pleased.

Fun facts

During his visit to Alexander the Great's tomb, Augustus was reportedly so overwhelmed during his visit that he accidentally broke the nose off Alexander's mummy while laying a wreath at his grave.

The cause of Alexander the Great's death is one of the ancient worlds greatest mysteries. He fell ill after chugging a bowl of wine at a party. Two weeks later the 32 year old ruler was dead.

Julius Caesar

By age 31 he had fought in several wars and become involved in Roman politics. After several alliances, he became dictator of the Roman Empire. This led to assassination on the ides of March. Caesar tried to defend himself by rising his hands to cover his face. But people keept stabbing him. Altogether there were 23 blows.