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Edition 7- Friday, 15th March, 2019

A Note from the Principal

Today is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and as a school we are acknowledging this important day of action by having our Friendly Schools Carnival on our oval from 4pm-6pm. Involving parents, students, staff, community members in preventing bullying and promoting positive behaviour goes a long way towards creating an even more respectful and inclusive school environment for all. Over the past weeks students have been participating in many activities promoting positive behaviours and inclusiveness within their classrooms. Below are some ideas you may like to have a go with at at home.

Enjoy tonight!!!!

Friendly Schools and Families

Aim: To provide effective communication tips for parents to enhance their ability to communicate with their children about bullying.

Over the next few weeks we will feature articles that may help you talk with your children about bullying. It is important to discuss bullying with your children on a regular basis. Regular communication with a person they trust and respect will help them form their own opinions and beliefs about bullying. Your children will also feel more comfortable telling you if they are being bullied.

Why not try some of the following ideas to improve the way you talk with your children.

Sit shoulder to shoulder or walk with your child as you talk.

  • Talking face to face can be quite confrontational, particularly for boys.
  • Sitting or walking side by side will encourage both you and your child to talk freely.

Use open-ended questions.

  • It is easy to ask your child if they had a good day or if they would like toast for breakfast; however these questions only require a yes or no answer.
  • Try asking questions such as “What did you do today?” or “What would you like for breakfast?”. These types of questions encourage discussion between you and your child.

Talk with your children about what to do rather than what not to do.

  • It is common for us to focus on poor behaviour, such as “don’t step in that puddle” or “stop swinging on your chair”.
  • Using positive language allows you to tell your children what you would like them to do rather than what you don’t want them to do.
  • Try rewording negative statements to positive statements such as “step over the puddle” or “please put the chair legs on the floor”.

Professional Development

Next week Catherine Vermeltfoorte and myself will be attending Regional Learning Circle for schools participating in the Teaching Partners DET initiative. We will be learning about best practice in reading and how teachers can have a positive impact on student learning and outcomes. I look forward to reporting back to in next week’s newsletter.

Sports Carnivals

It was amazing yesterday to see all HPS students participating in our Aths Carnivals. The winning house will be announced at this afternoon's assembly.

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Friday 15 March

Friendly School Family Picnic 4pm - 6pm

(National Day of Action Against Bullying)

Region Swimming - Selected students

Monday 18 March

Bookclub Due Back

Friday 22 March

Ride, Scoot, Walk to School day

Free BBQ Lunch for the children

HEWI Queens Park Excursion - 3/4B, 4GH & P6J

Thursday 4 April

Healesville District Athletics - Mt Evelyn

Friday 5 April

End of Term 1 - Finishing Time 2:30pm

Tuesday 23 April

First Day Term 2

Selected Grade 6 Students to MacRobertson Girls High School 8am - 3pm approx.

Thursday 25 April

ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Monday 29 April - Tuesday 7 May

Senior School Swimming 5/6K, 5/6S, 5/6W & P6J

Tuesday 30 April


Ride, Scoot, Walk to School - March 22nd

National Ride2School Day is held around Australia in March every year. It provides an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to try riding, walking, skating or scooting to school as well as celebrating the regular walkers and riders.

On this day, riding and walking to school is made normal and the entire school community can support it. It is a chance to celebrate on a large scale and to prove it can be done.

Bike Hike Meet Zones

  • 1 Corner of Maroondah Hwy and Steels st (next to child care centre
  • 2 Corner of Maroondah Hwy and White St(near Black Spur Nursery)
  • 3 Healesville Kinglake Road and entrance to RACV club
  • 4 Corner of Badger Creek rd and Mt Riddell rd
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Prep B: Lilyana M & Ben S

1F: Lily E & Cooper R

1/2V: Lincoln V, Hanna N, Pheobe L, & Isla V

2G: Spencer H, Axel R, Summer C & Liam W

3K: Zoey F & Cody R

3/4B: Zave A, Olivia W & Grace S 4GH: Jaxon D & Georgia W

5/6K: Emma N 5/6S: Olive L 5/6W: Lyndsay M & Lily H

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New Members Welcome!

Please click on the link below to find out what we do, why we do it and why we need your support.

If you have any questions about P.A.C.H. please don't hesitate to give me, Louise George, a call on 5962 4053.

Everyone is welcome.


The Wellbeing Corner - with Penny & Dreana

Hi HPS families,

This week I interviewed 3 students from Grade 5 and 6 about our school values. Sam, Cameron and Tyler could all tell me the four values of Healesville Primary and went on to share their thoughts about community.

QN: What does community mean?

ANS: Our school in a community. All the schools in Melbourne are part of a larger community that work together to help kids have a good education. A community is to have friends around you.

Friends bring happiness, joy, kindness and fun.

QN: Who are the people in our school community?

ANS: The teachers, Principal, government, education department (because it helped with school camp), students, parents (they help pay for stuff).

QN: In what ways do parents participate in the school community.

ANS: By helping in school activities, organising fundraising, they care about our education.

QN: What is the best thing in our school community?


I hope you enjoyed hearing about what students think about our value of Community. Stay tuned for more next week.

Have a great week.



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please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

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