ISM Science Fair

A guide to when and what you need to do!

Creativity, Imagination, Ideas and Inspiration

Your ISM Science Fair project is an opportunity for you and your imagination to have fun exploring the world around you, try not to think of it as work such as writing an essay or doing an exam; the Science Fair is about allowing your creativity and ideas to produce something amazing.

Check out these links below to help get you started....

Your Idea

Friday 14th March

You need to have your project idea ready by Friday 14th March. This should be the title of your project.

Most science fair projects are based around a research question that forms the basis of your investigation, for example

"Light reflection and refraction in liquids"


"How does temperature affect magnets?" (see video below!)

Curie Effect Magnetic Heat Engine

Your research

Friday 21st March

Now you have your idea its time to do some research! Try to become an expert by finding out what scientists already know about your chosen area of investigation. For example, if you were studying magnets you would need to know.....

  • What materials are magnetic
  • How do magnets work
  • What is a magnetic field
  • Why do we use magnets

You need to show your teacher your research by Friday 21st March.

Sources of Information

Where do you find what you need to know?

The internet is a great source of information, but for your Science Fair project you need to use at least 3 different sources of info, here are some ideas....

  • Library books
  • Journals and magazines
  • Documentaries
  • Scientists and experts

As this is a BIG 6 project, make sure you keep a bibliography, and state how each source of information was useful. For example...