Inigo Jones

July 15th,1573- June 21st,1652


Inigo Jones was born in London, UK in 1573 on July 15th. Most of his education was unknown except that Inigo spent most of his younger life in Italy studying his patron Andrea Palladio's architectural work. Most of his later years were also spent in Italy where James I appointed Jones surveyor of the King's work, which means he was chief architect to the Crown. He was also chief architect under Charles I, until the civil war got in the way of court life. Some of his most popular work that still stands today is the Queens House, built for both Queen Anne and Queen Henrietta Maria, and the Banqueting House at Whitehall. Inigo Jones died June 21th, 1632.

Architectural Work

The Queens House

The building of the Queens House at Greenwich started in 1616 for Queen Anne then she passed in 1619. Building resumed in 1630 for Queen Henrietta Maria and was completed in 1635. This House is marked by a symmetrical plan, simplicity of classical detail, harmonious proportions, and severe purity of line, and it showed and architectural revelation. This building still stands in London, Uk, with a few modern renovations.I find this piece interesting because it is one of Jones' earliest pieces that still stands today. This design shows skepticism because of all the new techniques used to build it like the symmetrical plan.


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The Elevation of the Queens House to the Park at Greenwich Invented by Inigo Jones 1639 @NMM PAH3293

Repro ID PAH3293 © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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