child labor was bad and needed to be stopped

Child labor in factories were bad and needed to be stopped

Child labor was bad because of the working conditions in the factories these conditions were no lighting, no ventilation, and clothes because girls would get there dresses or skirts caught in the machines. boys had to get under the machinery and fix them.

Child labor in the mines were bad and needed to be stopped

the working conditions were horrible because child could suffer from lung diseases, floods, explosions, and cave ins. boys and girls had to carry up carts of coal up to the surface for hundreds of feet for 12hrs a day seven days a week.

Why child labor needed to be stopped

child labor had the choice to pay children and conditions were terrible. if children were payed they were only paid enough to feed there family's. children worked 12-14hrs a day seven days a week. in some factories children were beaten if they didn't work fast enough.

How child labor came to an end :)

Many factories wanted to change child labor and not have it. people were concerned for the childrens physical being. children mostly took jobs than adults because children didn't have to get paid. the age for children to work was nine and only work 12hrs a day. laws passed saying children are no longer allowed to work.