The Coliseum Update

New Year - New Initiatives


1. The ability to assess and initiate

2. The power or opportunity to act or take charge

Jump start your 2014 by taking charge! You have the opportunity to run thru your previous roadblocks. You have the ability to really assess where you are and where you want to go. That is step 1. Step 2 is initiate into action! We can help with that.

Utilize your ability | See your power to update your life | Initiate new action

Jump into your routine by committing yourself to:

  • An evaluation with a fitness specialist at no cost to you. Simply email the Coliseum to schedule.
  • 3-5 group fitness classes per week. Go ahead and sign up on Mindbody for the class of your interest. This way you are hitting your commitment button in advance.
  • Find a partner and purchase a Buddy Training package. We have a solid team of certified trainers. Also, we have group discounts for groups of 3, 4, 5 and 6! Please see the attached PT form.
  • Taking advantage of our wellness services that are onsite: massage therapy (table and chair), stretch therapy, chiropractic care, salon service & spray tan.
  • Scheduling your Body Age assessment. This is the most comprehensive health & fitness assessment you will find anywhere. It takes about 30 minutes and you will discover your current levels of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, nutritional health, risk levels for heart disease & diabetes; and most importantly your body's actual age! You will receive a 12 page print out with results and suggestions on how to improve certain scores. For those 160 associates who took it last year, let's do it again and see how many years you added to your life! Other health clubs charge over $100, our fee to you is only $25.

Coliseum Initatives

We believe in leading by example, and our goal is to empower lives by providing holistic health programs and quality wellness services. Our team of health professionals are passionate and people focused.

We will drive even deeper and increase our initiative to meet our members where they are, increase our commitment to partner with your health goals, respond with the requested equipment, classes, services & challenges, facilities organization and deliver overall member satisfaction.

Form Your FIT Group

Gear Up for Your 1st 12 Weeks of Fun Interactive Training!

FIT Groups will begin Monday January 27th. We will host a quick wellness rally on Tuesday the 21st for the official sign ups. Here are FIT Groups that have formed thus far:

  • Clean Eating Club
  • Men's Focus Group
  • Cooking Club
  • Run Group
  • Walking Group
  • 5 ON 5 Group
  • Chiseled Challenge for Men Group
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Ice Hockey Drills
  • Basketball Group
  • Racquetball Group
  • Wallyball Group
  • (Insert yours)...

Want to Lead a Group? Email the Coliseum

Whatever your passion and interest, you will find partnership on your health journey.

From Our Team To You! Dawn's Do's & Don'ts


1). Write down your goals, make a plan, ask for help, and share them to stay accountable.

2). Be conscience about what you are eating, and watch your portion sizes.

3). Diversify your workout, change it up, try something new, workout with a friend.

4). Always warm up first and do your deep stretching afterwards.

5). Have a cheat meal, not a cheat day.


1). Skip your workout, rather make it a light day. Even 10 minutes of getting active is worth it.

2). Over-train, give your body a chance to recover.

3). Give up, let little setbacks be your motivation to make more progress!

4). Forget to reward yourself, but not with bad food :).

5). Just get healthy for an occasion, get healthy as a lifestyle practice and you will always be ready!