PCM/PCH Family Newsletter

September/October 2021 Edition

"This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change." - Taylor Swift


What a whirlwind 18 months we've had! So many rapid changes and thankfully, we're back together again! A little bit shell-shocked... A little bit anxious... But ready to get back in the swing of things.

Things at 54th have changed. We've welcomed new administrators, new teachers, new staff, and new students. In all my years of teaching, I believe this has been the smoothest start to a school year. I'm not sure if it was the eagerness of the teachers to be back in front of a classroom of students, parents anxious to get their kids out of the house and back to a "normal" routine, or students ready to be students again. Whatever it was, The first day of school and every day after has felt like returning home.

Each month I will share with you events and information about our school, introduce you to our staff and teachers, highlight student achievements, and present you with community resources.

Happy fall! 🍂

Aviators of the Month

Congratulations to the recipients of September's and October's Aviators of the Month.

7th Grade:

September: Michael P. (nominated by Mrs. Shebestak)

Michael is a great example of what respect looks like in the classroom. Michael is extremely polite, never has an unkind word to say to or about anybody, is always willing to lend a helping hand to teachers and staff, and is accommodating to his peers.

October: Alexandru B. (nominated by Mrs. Hayes)

Alex is always on top of any job our classroom needs to be done. He enjoys helping and is very respectful to teachers as well as classmates. He seizes opportunities to take on responsibilities and takes his jobs seriously. He is always a pleasure to be around and kind to everyone.

8th Grade:

September: Iolanys M-C. (nominated by Ms. Love)

Iolanys (Oli) should be a student of the month because I have seen her display so many positive characteristics these past few weeks. I have seen Oli helping a student who dropped all his pencils. Oli always greets me with a smile and tells me to have a great day at the end of class. Oli communicates responsibly via email if she has concerns over an assignment. She is not afraid to share in class and has great ideas. She is a great example of a student who displays quiet leadership, which is quite powerful!

October: Shyanne R. (nominated by Ms. Galmarini)

This student was absent for at least a week, but she emailed all of her teachers every single day to stay on top of her assignments. Many times, we would have emailed back and forth because she would ask questions to make sure she was understanding the assignments. She shows she is responsible for her grades and her learning by taking this initiative. When she returned, she continued this responsibility and participated in class. She has also volunteered her time to help clean the classroom, without me even asking! She's just an awesome and super kind person :)

9th Grade:

September Antonio Y. (nominated by Mrs. Ray)

Antonio has always gone above and beyond to be kind to others, helping them, trying to socialize with them, and making them feel a part of the class. Antonio always makes a point to be kind and notice students others may ignore.

October Avery E. (nominated by Ms. Addi and Mr. Brown)

Avery is very diligent, always participates in class, is respectful, and completes her assignments on time. " and " Avery is a wonderful student who always strives for the best in class. She is an amazing student.

10th Grade:

September: Dylan U. (nominated by Ms. Antalek)

Dylan is usually pretty quiet as well, but when he chimes in it's pithy and witty. He communicates well which shows respect and diligence (e.g. checking email).

October: Sylvia P. (nominated by Mrs. Shimko and Ms. Fogerty)

Sylvia is an incredibly self-motivated student. Her grades are always wonderful, and I can tell that she really cares about doing well. She is very forward-thinking about planning for her future, wanting to attend post-secondary options presentations while she is still an underclassman.

11th Grade:

September: Emilio D. (nominated by Ms. Trela and Mr. Samsa)

  • Emilio is always in dress code, on time, on task, reliable, and sociable. He demonstrates good citizenship as a student here at PCH. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is attentive in school. He is friendly to his peers and to the staff at the school. "
  • He is always polite and respectful when greeting other students and the staff.

October: Brandon S. (nominated by Mr. Carson)

Brandon has shown consistent perseverance in his studies this month. He is working very hard at understanding difficult concepts in Chemistry and has shown maturity in taking responsibility for his assignments.

12th Grade:

September: Jacob H. (nominated by Ms. Fogerty)

Jacob is always so polite and respectful during class. He also goes out of his way to help other students, whether that be helping them figure out progressbook or loaning out supplies

October: Emma N. (nominated by Ms. Poloha)

Emma is a student that works hard each and every day. Her school work is important to her and she takes her classes seriously. She takes courses at Tri-C as well as at PCHS, so she is a motivated and determined young lady. Emma has had a lot going on recently, but she has persevered through it. Although it has been tough for her, she is a strong person that I know will continue to grow into an independent, successful adult!

Character Trait of The Month

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Citizenship : Citizenship is knowing, understanding, and displaying a high regard for rules, laws, government, heritage, and for those who have served and sacrificed for community and country.

In Middle and High School this looks like

  • Contributing to the community and fulfilling responsibilities
  • Obeying the law
  • Become a member of many communities (class, school, neighborhood, and country) and share my positive contributions

Big picture

Meet The Administrative Team!

Mr. Bob Klinar - K-12 Principal, Constellation Schools: Parma Community

Mr. Klinar comes to Constellation Schools with a 30+ year career in Education. Mr. Klinar started as a teacher and football coach in Tiffin, Ohio in 1987, and maintained this capacity as High School Art Teacher and eventually Head Football Coach for 10 years in districts such as Keystone Local Schools and Lorain City Schools before moving on to become an administrator. Mr. Klinar served as an assistant principal in Lorain and Westlake City Schools as well as a principal with the Wellington Village Exempted Schools, Cardinal Local Schools, Kent City Schools, Maple Heights City Schools, Youngstown City Schools and Ashtabula Area City Schools. His extensive career also took him to Painesville Twp. Local Schools as an Assistant Superintendent from 2006-2011. Mr. Klinar has used his coaching experience to enhance his relationships with students and parents. Some of these skills were attained on both the scholastic level and collegiate levels where Mr. Klinar was an assistant football coach at Miami University, Baldwin Wallace University and Oberlin College.

Mr. Klinar has 3 grown children, Jonah , Maxim and Hope (ages 24, 22, & 19). He loves to run and is training for his 20th marathon in Chicago on October 10, 2021.

Mr. Klinar proudly proclaims his love for the Aviator Nation and looks forward to forging strong relationships here at PCH & PCM.

October Teacher of the Month (HS)


Mr. Gainer was nominated by the following students, Amaleez V, Vanessa P., Riley K., Sage S., Jordan R., Kendra R, and Natasha R. His students overwhelmingly state that he exhibits all of the characteristics of an Aviator.

  • Mr. Gainer always makes my day. He never fails to say good morning to me and ALWAYS has something funny to say. He encourages me a lot and inspires me to be like him. There is no other teacher that can compare, he's on a whole other level and definitely one of my favorite teachers of all time.
  • Mr. Gainer is very caring and supportive. He always helps me when I am having a bad day. He creates a safe class environment where students can feel comfortable and share their opinions.
  • He always shows that he cares about people's education and their well-being, he goes out of his way to make sure you understand everything. Overall an outstanding teacher.
  • Because he is an amazing teacher who cares about all of his students. He is really funny.
  • Mr. Gainer demonstrates every positive trait in a teacher, He is an outstanding guidance figure, who can teach any student. He uses many different teaching strategies and is adaptable to his surroundings.
  • He is the type of teacher to add things to the stuff we learn to keep us entertained and onboard and I admire that very much. He understands students' difficulties at home and takes it easy on the students.
  • In the one class I have with him, he's a very good person. The best in understanding and kind of lets you do you and not push you too far to an extent where you don't even want to be at school.

Golden Apple Recipients

Each month a teacher from each level is selected for the Golden Apple, based on nominations from their peers. These are the recipients for the month of October.

Stephanie Shebestak (7th grade ELA)

"...she is an outstanding teacher to our students and a wonderful leader for our teachers! Whenever I have a question or concern, I know I can count on her, and even though I may secretly drive her insane with the amount of times I reach out to her, she's always there for me. She's always in the know and she's always around the school --- she's here early in the morning for the students who are dropped off before school starts, she is the Building Team Leader, and she's the Family Liaison for our PBIS team. She goes about and beyond for our school community, so I think she absolutely deserves to be recognized for what she does!"

Alison Poloha (HS Math)

"Ms. Poloha has gone above and beyond for our students and staff. From taking on the Lead Teacher role to providing tutoring for our students. We are proud to have her as part of Constellation HS family."

Angela Trela (HS English)

"...helping me prepare for school over the summer; she gave up her break to help me prepare!"

"...she has been tremendously helpful, and is always willing to provide me with guidance and curriculum ideas."

Community Resources

Cuyahoga County Public Library

Homework Centers: Free afterschool help for students K-8. Click here to learn more

Kids' Cafe: Collaboration with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to provide grab-and-go meals during the school year. Click here for locations and times.

Tutor.com: Live, online tutoring, FREE with a library card. Get started

Around Town

Holden Arboretum: Fall Color Watch - Enjoy the familiar yellows, reds, and oranges of the season. You can also experience fall from a new perspective via the Murch Canopy Walk (a 500-foot-long elevated walkway that is built 65 feet above the forest floor. You can also visit the Emergent Tower, a 12 story tall structure that provides a view of the surrounding area all the way to Lake Erie. The cost of admission is $12-16 based on membership. Click here for tickets.

A Funny Program About Funny Programs: A virtual event about how sitcoms have developed over the decades. Click here for more information

Cleveland Museum of Art: Admission to the museum is always FREE! There may be a charge for some special exhibits. Click here for more information

Cleveland Museum of Natural History: Currently on exhibit - Current Science: Extinction. Explore the topic of extinction and the importance of protecting biodiversity. Click here for more information


Administrative Team

Bob Klinar klinar.bob@constellationschools.com

Todd Luecke luecke.todd@constellationschools.com

Eric Butler butler.eric@constellationschools.com

Committee Members

Kerry Barnier - Character Education Manager

Alec Carey -MS Tier 2/Emotional Supports

Amanda Fogerty - HS Tier 2/Intervention Implementation

Michelle Galmarini - Staff Liaison

Emily Ganzhorn - HS Tier2/3 Behavior Manager

Judy Hayes - MS Tier 1 Coordinator

Megan Kennedy - Data Analyst and Tier 2 Rep

Laine Moon - Tier 2/3 Intervention Development and Data Analyst

Stephanie Shebestak - Family Liaison