Supporting Barristers & their clients in Public Access Cases

Providing vital support at no cost

At Advance Legal Solutions, our team of professional, legally trained staff can take on the day to day administration of a case on behalf of the client, keeping you informed at all key stages. ALS will monitor deadlines for compliance with directions, watch out for any applications threatened or made and generally keep an oversight of the case. Updates can be provided to you on either a scheduled basis or on the basis of action points.

Our involvement in a case enables us to obtain ATE insurance cover upon that case, provided that prospects of success are sufficient. We have strong links with several ATE Insurers, ensuring costs protection for your client and ensuring that your fees are paid.

ALS markets directly to professions that are likely clients for Direct Access Work. A growing number of professionals and directors wish to avoid paying significant solicitor's fees whilst still retaining a professional and competent legal team. Key professions are : Accountants, architects, surveyors, quantity surveyors, financial advisers and estate agents. These professions are often able to understand and conduct their own legal matters with regular and detailed advice from Counsel. We will be passing this work into our panel of Licensed Direct Access Barristers. ALS will:

1) Market for Direct Access Work on your behalf.

2) Provide the back-office support you need on a case.

3) Arrange a suitable ATE policy to protect both the client and your fees.

This service is provided at no cost to the Barrister or the client.

For more information or to arrange for one of our team to visit your chambers please contact either or