Who is Sean Berdy?!

By: Anthony Tremain 1st period ASL

When and Where Was He Born?

He was born deaf on June 3, 1993 in Boca Raton Florida.

Does He Use ASL?

Yes, Sean uses ASL and sometimes speaks. ASL is his native language.

Why is He Important?

He has been an actor since childhood and was in Sandlot 2 and plays Emmett on Switched at Birth. He provided a complete live, on camera ASL translation for ICE AGE: Continental Drift. Not only that but he has united the deaf and hearing worlds by one, being an incredible actor, let alone the fact that he is in one of the most influential shows of today's culture.

Fun Facts

1. He is a Gemini

2. His brother is named Tyler

3. He is currently dating Mary Harman

4. He is an amateur artist