Hatchet By: Gary Paulsen

By: Michael Adkins

Book Jacket Summary

This book is about a kid named Brian. He gets on a plane in a small airport in Hampton. The plane crash landed on a island in the middle of no where. If you read this book you will know if he survived or not.


  1. "It was still very early, only just past true dawn, and the water was so calm he could see his reflection. It frightened him—the face was cut and bleeding, swollen and lumpy, the hair all matted, and on his forehead a cut had healed but left the hair stuck with blood and scab. His eyes were slits in the bites and he was—somehow—covered with dirt. He slapped the water with his hand to destroy the mirror. Ugly, he thought. Very, very ugly."
  2. "He was not the same. The plane passing changed him, the disappointment cut him down and made him new. He was not the same and would never be again like he had been. That was one of the true things, the new things. And the other one was that he would not die, he would not let death in again. He was new."

  3. "He did not know how long it took, but later he looked back on this time of crying in the corner of the dark cave and thought of it as when he learned the most important rule of survival, which was that feeling sorry for yourself didn't work. It wasn't just that it was wrong to do, or that it was considered incorrect. It was more than that—it didn't work. When he sat alone in the darkness and cried and was done, was all done with it, nothing had changed. His leg still hurt, it was still dark, he was still alone, and the self-pity had accomplished nothing."
  4. "It was like turning on a television. Suddenly he could see things he never saw before. In just moments, it seemed, he saw three birds before they flew, saw them sitting and got close to one of them, moving slowly, got close enough to try a shot with his bow."
  5. "He was not the same now—the Brian that stood and watched the wolves move away and nodded to them was completely changed. Time had come, time that he measured but didn't care about; time had come into his life and moved out and left him different. In measured time forty-seven days had passed since the crash. Forty-two days, he thought, since he had died and been born as the new Brian."

Point of view

one of the evidence why is:
  1. "It had always been so simple at home. He would go to the store and get a chicken and it was all cleaned and neat, no feathers or insides, and his mother would bake it in the oven and he would eat it. His mother from the old time, from the time before, would bake it."

Main Characters

Brian is one of the main characters of Hatchet, because he is through out the whole story.

Brian's Mom, because she we a important person but she was not through out the whole story.

The pilot was a main character, because he was the one flying Brian to his Mom's house.


If the location of where Brian crash landed was changed it would effect the story line a lot. if he crashed in the middle of a dessert he would not survive, because he would dehydrate and get sun poisoning.


The conflict in Hatchet was self vs nature, because he had to survive in the middle of no where.


I think the story is about life lessons, because Brian learns about how to make fire, building a house, and killing things to survive.

Tic – Tac – Toe Book Reports

Write five diary entries as if you were one of the characters

Today I made fire it is really simple. You just get a piece of flint and a hatchet and hit them together and, you get sparks. If you put that spark on a piece of wood you can get fire.

Write a new ending to the story

Brian saw a plane passing by he lights a fire but the pilot doesn't see the smoke. So the plane keeps going. 3 months later explorers find a kids body on the island Brian was on and as they try to find out who this kid is. they later find out this kid is Brian and they find his parents and have a funeral.

Become the author and tell why you wrote this book (Don’t just guess here – research to find out his/her reasons)