Franklin Phonetic Primary School

9317 N. 2nd. St. Phoenix AZ 85020

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New School Year 2020-2021

Meet The Teacher Agenda

Parents enter through the cafeteria wearing face coverings.

Check in at registration table

  • to update and sign forms
  • to choose a drop off time
  • to pick up student handbook

Visit Classroom!

Back to School- Morning Drop Off

Parents must choose their best drop-off time in the morning. 7:45, 8:15 or 8:30

Breakfast will not be served until 8:30 a.m. this school year.

All students will eat at the same time at 8:30 in their classroom.

The car line will be different this year. We will need to have teachers dismiss parent cars after children walk through the temperature screen-er. Parents, please plan on waiting in your car; a teacher will open the door for your child, and wave you with the o.k to drive away after your child has their temperature taken. Preschool parents will be able to drop off the preschooler's sibling(s) in the preschool drop off; procedures are the same. All other elementary students will be dropped off at the cafeteria doors.

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