Verbal Messages

Someone Who Is Using a Message With Meanings That Are Meant to Deceive.

In this video, Regina George is fake complimenting the girl wearing the skirt so that she can appear to be friendly. In reality, she is just being rude and doesn't actually like the skirt, all to make herself look better.
Mean Girls Ugliest effing skirt

Disconfirming Behaviour

In this quick video - it shows a young man in bed ignoring the calls from his mother who is repeatedly trying to reach out to him. This is a failure of acknowledging the other person and you ignore the other person's communication.
When Your Mother Calls you but You Ignore her-Vine

Someone Using Inference

The first couple in the video are at therapy. The wife is inferencing that her husband is neglecting her and not taking the couples therapy seriously, instead of just coming out and saying it she inferences to the facts about how traumatic is shark cut is when she knows that her husband was being dramatic and could have easily still taken her out.

Couples Retreat (9/10) Movie CLIP - Couples Therapy (2009) HD