Vision Board

By : Nicolas Balsano

Nicolas Balsano

"The price of success is hard work and dedication to the job at hand."

Future School/Degree :

I would like to get a scholarship for sports from Rice University, major in business, and get a law degree.

Job and Career :

In high school I will work at Dicks Sporting Goods. Also after college, I see myself getting a sales job and then creating a partnership company that is successful for my future career.

Future Clubs/Organizations :

Cleveland Indians Baseball Club

Country Club

Future Awards : Golden Spikes

Future Family :

I plan on getting married. I hope to have a hard working wife who is also caring towards my three kids.

Future Housing and Retirement :

The location of my house will be in Nepal. Where my house will sit on the edge of a mountain. When I retire I hope to be loaded and live on the same mountain.

Future Cars :

My future car will be a BMW.

Future Cars Continued :

I will have a huge RV to go with my house on Napal.

My future vacation destinations will be Fiji and America

Future Goals:

Is to play major league baseball.

Future Style :

My wardrobe will be a huge nike closet.

Future Wants :

I want a private jet.

MS : To create a succesful environment for myself where I am happy with my job, family, and life.