2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

by Nick Gover, Sidhardh Goteti, Annie Chong

The Nobel Prize 2014 Winners

Explanation of Scientific Method

-Used fluorescent molecules to give microscopes higher resolutions

- Resolution of microscopes was held back by the wavelength of light

- Discovered glowing proteins that can turn on and off.

- Used laser light to make a small part of the glowing tag to light up. The microscope takes a picture of the glowing part and then another part is lit up. By repeating this hundreds of times and placing the images on top of each other the resolution increased.

- Stefan Hell had a breakthrough in 2000, where he took pictures of an E. Coli bacteria using this method

Results of their Work

-less damage to cell, makes clearer images

-resolution thought to never be better than .2 micrometers, their work beat that record and we can now view objects at a billionth of a meter.

-Super-Resolution of their work enables scientists to look inside living cells

Why did they Win?

-made it possible to track processes occurring inside living cells to explore brain synapses, study proteins and track cell divisions.

-high resolution images achieved

-scientists able to see anatomy of small organisms; big breakthrough

-clear magnification of what they're viewing; makes impact

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