A Talking Drum?

Lots of musicians use this today!

History and Origin

A talking drum is an African instrument known for its hourglass shape. Originating from West Africa, the talking drum is an instrument that can mimic the tone, rhythm, intonation, and stress of human speech. Back in the year, the talking drum is used during different traditional activities and rituals such as religious rites, royal occasions and even circumcisions. Their history can be dated back to the Ghana Empire.

The Talking Drum

Construction and Sigificance of the Talking Drum

The Talking Drum is typically composed of wood. It is treated with coconut oil and shea butter to beautify the wood. The talking drum was a tool to the griots used to assist in story-telling, communication and guidance. The talking drum served as an important function in West African cultures and had a language specific to each region.