Canada in 2060

What will Canada look like in 2060?


How will Canada look like in 2060?

Canada has a lot of changes but things that will definitely change is:

- Immigration

- population

-and the first nation heritage

These things will always increase here in Canada. Read here to figure out how these things will increase and change and how will it affect the future later on.

Immigration trends

why are people immigrating to Canada?

A lot of people immigrate to Canada because it is the second largest country in the world. A lot of citizens come to Canada for business work. Canada is filled with skilled workers and there are a lot of job openings. Here in Canada you can start your own businesses, most of the jobs that are mostly popular and a lot of people do are: logging (forestry), mining, nurses (health care).

Why does Canada need immigrants?

Canada needs more immigrants because a lot of people retire and leaving there jobs because they are getting older. Also they will be more job openings and it will be good for the Pearson hiring the job and the Pearson that is getting hired. We also need more immigrants because it will grow our economy there will be more people and the population will increase.

Population Trends

Why is the population growing?

Since 1851-1900 the population was already growing slowly by a few millions. In 1851 the population was increasing by 1.3% each year, up to the 1900's. The reasons the population was increasing fast is because of natural increase. Natural Increase is basically the birth rate increasing a lot. The population is also increasing because of the Migrating increase, a lot of other citizens from other countries moving to Canada.

How is the population different from now and then?

Threw out the years between 1851-1901 the population was increasing by 1.3% each year.

Threw out all of the 1900's the population was growing by 1% each year. First the population decreased by a few thousands in the 1800's -1900's. In the past 10 years the average growth rate is 1% and has been growing to this very day and all of the other countries.

I think that the population will keep on Increasing and each year will increase by 1%.

First Nations

What differences did the first people make?

The first people made a lot of differences in our land, most of the provinces that they have been threw is Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The first Nation people helped Canada in general with how to live a better lifestyle. They taught the Europeans how to hunt, trading and also building. The first nation People taught us about many things in hunting they showed us how to get food without hurting anyone and anything they taught us about fishing for food, also on how to make clothing with the things around us. Also they showed us about trading especially the "fur trade". Also the population increased when the Europeans met the First Nations because they worked together and years went by and the Europeans and First Nations became friends.

If the Europeans did not meet the First Nations how will things change?

If the Europeans did not meet the First Nations things will be a lot different. The First Nations taught us how to catch food and learn about trading also taught us how to live, if we never meet them then we will not know how to do those things. Things will change by the Europeans will not have any food because they did not know how to hunt and they would have died and we will not have gotten any research about anything. The first nations taught us how to live differently.

I predict that if we did not meet the first nations things would have been a lot different then and our present would have changed.

In 2060

In 2060 things will be different but i believe that here in Canada a lot of people will immigrate to Canada for business. Also the population will increase a lot approximately 1.3% each year. Also the things that we learned about the First Nations will carry on in the future. Canada i think will look the same but with more people with different cultures.