Weddington Middle School Newsletter

April 3, 2020

Notes from the Principal

Dear Parents,

I’m pleased to report that in some shape, form, or fashion, we have established contact and connected with ALL our students! Thanks to our student leadership, counselors, teachers, and others who have helped so much in this endeavor. Still, if and when our electronic means of communication fail us, you may always phone the school and leave a message at 704-814-9772 to let us know how we can reach you and help you (or someone else).

Our annual campaign with LLS officially comes to a close with the end of March, and we knew we were scaling back after a record-breaking performance last year. With our caliber of students, however, not even a global pandemic can stop them: special recognition goes to Keira Laoussadi, 7th grader from Mrs. Bentley’s Hero Squad, who spearheaded $1400 in contributions for her single homeroom…all this despite our interruptions to school mid-March. Check out Keira’s page here:

Remote learning is underway and our students are effectively accessing Canvas. As many of you as parents step into more of an instructional supervisory role, we realize YOU might need some assistance with Canvas. In efforts to serve ALL our stakeholders, we’re offering some PARENT Canvas tutorials by way of Google Meet next week. If interested, please use the following link to schedule a 15-minute live tutorial with one of our Canvas experts:

As we continue to build capacity for our virtual schooling efforts, I’m optimistic about new learning on the horizon. We still have what is now an awkwardly-timed spring break as we approach next Friday, but we will continue to work on supporting our students throughout this global crisis. We remain proud of our school and our students, and we wish you the best as humans everywhere work to “flatten the curve.” God bless you all, and enjoy your weekend.

Follow along with Mrs. Lundin's Art Challenge!

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Teacher Office Hours begin Monday!

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Leader in Me has opened all resources to educators and families at this time. This site provides resources that will help you teach the 7 Habits and other powerful leadership skills. Click here to learn more.

Thank you so much for those of you that have participated; Spirit Week continues next week!

Virtual First Day
Pet Day
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Your LLS Dollars at Work!

I want you to see what YOUR school family made possible today! LLS Announces Patient Aid Fund for COVID-19 impact

Who benefits from the generosity at WMS? – be inspired! Meet Charlie

Attention 8th grade field trip parents:

We are working with our tour company to recoup some of those monies. We pre-pay for nearly everything as it pertains to that trip. As such, we are working through our tour company and the individual entities in both South Carolina and Georgia. We have a longstanding relationship with our company and individual tour manager, and he has assured us he’s working on it. We hope to get as much money refunded as we possibly can and, upon receipt, to process and mail checks as appropriate. We will share more information as it becomes available.

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First Priority club members looking for club updates please visit Ms. Millen's math canvas page.

Video Library

Setting up Canvas Notifications

Please note that some carriers, including Verizon, do not support Canvas.

Using Libby to check out e-books

These can be scary, trying times for students.

Please know that the staff of Weddington Middle is here for your child(ren). If your child would like to speak with a counselor, please have him/her fill out this form:

The counselors will also provide daily email office hours:

Monday 9-11 & 11-1

Tuesday 12-2

Wednesday 9-11

Thursday 12-2

Friday 11-1

This information can also be found on their Canvas page.

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Please read below to make sure your student is ready for digital learning

1. As many of you know, Canvas is the primary learning management system at Weddington Middle School and will be used in the weeks ahead in our efforts with online teaching-and-learning. When we begin to provide students with online learning opportunities, it will be extremely helpful and informative for parents to be Canvas course observers. This will allow a parent to stay updated on what kinds of things are happening with the courses that his/her child is taking. Directions on setting up your account can be found here.

There are now general grade-level and related arts Canvas pages for students to use for discussion, counselor connections and general activity ideas.

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

Related Arts

2. To make sure you and your student don't miss anything in Canvas, you need to turn on notifications!

  • Login to your Canvas Account
  • Click "Account" (on left side of screen)
  • Click "Notifications" (Under your Profile)
  • Click "Notifications Preferences" (on far Right)
  • For any category you want immediate email notification, click the check mark (when it’s a GREEN box it is ON)

Suggested categories to check:



Discussion Posts


3. Any Chromebook or home computer can be used for Canvas and/or Google. Students can login to their Google accounts using their email address ( and password.
4. At some point, students may receive a prompt to login to Zscaler (picture seen below). To do so, they will enter their email address, minus the word student, and their password
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5. If your student is having technological issues, please have him/her submit a tickets through the Student Technology Help Desk