Pre sports

Damaris villarreal 3rd period

All about presports

pre sports helps you with your sport skills. It gets you ready for the sports that you may do in 7th grade. It is gate with the exercise you need everyday. The sports you will be doing are basketball, volleyball, and track. There are some things you need to know about per sports,you need to be ready for whatever the couches may tell you for example,you need to be ready for your streches you need to dress out, and you nee o be out at the time the couch tells you.

Volleyball,Backetball,Track, and the locker rom

the sports is vary fun you do all these different types of spots for example volleyball, you might think 'oh volleyball is o easy' well this tacks it to a whole new level. And also basketball and track. In the locker room make sure that you are not sharing a locker, even if you think oh but we are best friends she wont take anything, well just to be sure don't do it. in the locker room you only have 5 minutes to change and get out ether to the court or out to our next class. You also need a deodorant, running shoes and hare bands.