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Weekly News for April 27 through May 1

Produced by Digital Journalism students

Edited by Alyssa DuCote and Jack Mulkerne

Written by students in the Digital Journalism class

Message from Superintendent Robbie Owen

Message from the Superintendent – April 24, 2015
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School News

Dates to Note

  • 4/27 6th Graders from W.J. Carroll DMS Tour
  • 4/29 Bowling Got Zero Field Trip
  • 4/30 6th Graders from Daphne East Elementary DMS Tour
  • 4/30- 5/2 Choir Music In The Parks Festival
  • 5/1 Reading Istation assessment
  • 5/14 NJHS Induction 6PM in the DMS Gymnasium
  • 5/15 Honor's Day

7th Grade


Lindsey: Finish Planets, Lab x2, Test on Plants, Binder Check

Nettles: Character Quiz, Vocab. Quiz

Smith: Advanced Placement Test (Both)

Smith Advanced: Test Monday


Majewski: Review Probability (Both)

Pendley: Greek Mythology

8th Grade


Law: Reviewing for Semester Exams

Surrey: Middles Ages Project

Boone Algebra 1: Prepare for End of Quarter

Boone Pre Algebra: Continuing Geometry

White: Starting Waves


Larisey: Middle Age Presentations

Madison: Starting Independent Novel Study

Algebra 1- Garafola: Start Ch. 11

Pre Algebra- Garafola: Starting Sets

Waites: Starting Chemical Reactions


  • Career Tech: Manufacturing Cluster
  • Teen Discovery: Cooking
  • Peer Helpers: 6th grade tours and Peer Helper Applications
  • Digital Journalism: DMS 5, finish blogs 4/30
  • Choir: Working on mini musicals
  • Band: Bay Bears performance 4/29 (wear your band shirt and khaki pants or shorts)
  • Enrichment (Nettles): Istation path and Trojan Promotion
  • Enrichment (Pearson: Creating Knights Shields, due 5/1
  • Enrichment (Bittinger): Van Gogh line projects using yarn
  • Reading Extension: Comprehension Unit 10
  • Math Extension (7th Grade): Finishing Geometry
  • 21st Century Skills: Medieval Web Quest Presentations
  • Art: Creating organic structures inspired by British artist Henry Moore
  • ACCESS Spanish: Module 8
  • Enrichment (Law): Independent Career Study, due 5/1
  • Enrichment (Benefield): Garage Band
  • Enrichment (Madison): Mock Trials
  • Math Extension (8th Grade): IXL Contest
Chef Thorpe, Daphne High School Culinary Arts
Official 2015-2016 BCBE Calendar

This is the newly approved calendar option for the 2015-2016 school year. The first calendar to be approved was determined not a good fit for the business of Baldwin County. This is the option that has been approved since the second vote took place.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe, a new Yoga Club at DMS focuses on using yoga to learn coping strategies for reducing stress and anxiety. Kenney Jackson, a certified yoga instructor, is volunteering an hour of his time for the next 4 weeks to help students focus on breathing through the hard times. Five spots are still available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information click here and email Mrs. Amanda Blake with any questions.

Art of the Week

Art students have been creating organic sculptures out of wood, wire, and knee-hi pantyhose, gesso, and paint. These pieces were inspired by British sculptor, Henry Moore. As a child, Henry Moore was fascinated by his visit to Stonehenge, and his work is abstracted, organic forms, mostly figurative.

Pictured to the left is a work by David Truesdale. Show below are works by Christopher McClurg, Peyton Busby, and Caitlyn Collier.

DMS 6th Grade Tours

By Julian White and Graham Jenkins

This upcoming week, sixth grade students from W.J Carrol and Daphne East will be visiting the Daphne Middle School campus. Teachers and students alike encourage students to attend so they can be introduced to the new experiences and procedures at the middle school. Some of the new things students might expect to see are, elective classes, lockers, more classes, more clubs, and the locations of all of the new classrooms.W.J Carroll students will attend on April 27th and Daphne East will attend on April 30th. We hope to see you soon!

ARC Art Show

by Grace Rodgers

Mrs.Bittinger’s students participated in the annual Mobile ARC Art Show in Mobile. Students in both Mobile County and Baldwin County participated. In the Mobile ARC Art show there were three places and honorable mention. The pieces that were presented are currently on display in Mobile at Delchamps. The winners of the Art Show are: first place, Trevor Reeder, second place, Nic Rosandich, and third place, Patrick Mulder. Good job to all of the students that came in as Honorable Mentions. The students received a certificate and art supplies! Congratulations to everybody who entered their artwork in the ARC Art Show.

JV Volleyball and Basketball

By Madison Naquin

It’s tryout time again! If you would like to try out for next years JV Boys Basketball or JV Grils Volleyball keep reading this! This years JV basketball tryouts for boys will be held on April 20-23 from 3:15 to 4:30. You must have a current physical and insurance on file or you will not be allowed to try out! Contact Coach G at for any questions! Volleyball tryouts will be April 27th-29th (first cuts) from 3:30 to 5:30. You must bring an up to date physical and insurance form to try out! Contact Coach E. Herrion at for more details. We hope to see you there!

Mrs. Pendley's Next Project

By Sam Speer

This week, students in Ms.Pendley’s Humanities class will be presenting their fourth quarter project. The project can be on Affective Development, Research or Unit Studies, Humanities, or Literature. These projects count as the fourth quarter exam grade, so make sure students put lots of effort and time into their project! Ten hours are required for an A on the project, but it will also be graded on presentation. The project can bring up grades, or take them from a B to a F! These projects are very important, so students need to do their best!

Getting to Know Mrs. Queen

Editorial by Hunter Sessions

Most people think that Mrs. Queen is a harsh teacher who doesn’t have a soul. However, I think that people only see one side of Mrs.Queen. In reality, she has a nice side, which I saw on the last Humanities trip. Most people think she’s mean because they either went to OCS or they get told in the hallway to do this or that. In my opinion, this is just tunnel vision because she is really nice. Think when you see Mrs.Queen you think she's a mean teacher lady who mostly just gets mad at kids. Over this trip she was really nice. She never really got onto anyone and she tried to have a smile everywhere she went. The night of the bonfire she had a wand and glow sticks and a cool wand that would blink with different colors. Than someone took a picture and Nick and me just happened to be there. We took the picture and Mrs.Queen and we all were smiling. I hope the people that read this try to take a second look at Mrs.Queen. She really is a nice lady who cares about kids. She might be a teacher who has to discipline kids but she does it because she cares about the students at Daphne Middle School. I wish that you guys take a second look and try not to see the side of Mrs.Queen who seems mean or cruel to some people but another Mrs.Queen. The Mrs.Queen I’m talking about is the teacher who cares about kids and trying to make them be good kids. So next time you take a look at Mrs.Queen Try not to think of a mean lady but think of Mrs.Queen in this picture who smiles and cares for the kids of Daphne Middle School.

DMS Students Help With Elementary Field Day

By Anna Glass

Last Friday, FCCLA and National Junior Honor Society students volunteered at the Daphne East Elementary School’s field day. The students were to arrive at the elementary school, and assigned a station to work throughout the day. There were several stations that included many games for the children to participate in. Some games were water, and some were racing games. The number one goal for field day was to be a team player, always smile and encourage your teammates. Other than playing games involving teamwork, the kids were able to play on the school’s playground, purchase snacks at the concession stand, and play in the inflatables in the gym. The middle school students met many kids, and always kept a smile on the children's’ faces. The NJHS and FCCLA students earned volunteer hours, and also participated in a field day that was unforgettable that contained fun, laughter, and many memories!

Daphne Middle School Peer Helper Application

2015-2016 School Year deadline for all application requirements is Wednesday, May 6.

Peer Helper Program Overview

To equip young people to act as a resource to help other youth with the issues they face, the concept of “peer helping” was developed. Peer Helpers are students who are trained to recognize when their peers may have a problem, listen to fellow students confidentially and assist them with emotional, societal, or academic struggles.

A teacher or school counselor is trained in the certified National Association of Peer Program Professionals curriculum to be prepared to serve as a Peer Program Coordinator. The teacher/counselor Peer Program Coordinator in turn selects students to serve as Peer Helpers and trains them on the peer helping system. They learn a set of skills – attending, empathizing, summarizing, questioning, genuineness, assertiveness, confrontation, problem-solving, conflict resolution and confidentiality – that assist them in meeting the needs of their fellow students. In middle and high school, Peer Helpers are generally taught as a state accredited class; in intermediate and elementary school, Peer Helpers are generally led as a club.

As a part of their training, Peer Helpers agree to keep the issues other students share with them in strict confidence. However, if a student threatens to harm him or herself, exhibits psychotic behavior or reports abuse, the Peer Helper must involve their coordinator, a counselor or administrator immediately.

Peer Helpers not only assist classmates by listening empathetically, providing options for making healthy choices, becoming advocates, and helping them get involved in campus life. In the process of helping others improve their self-esteem, Peer Helpers can themselves become leaders and role models.

Application Requirements:

Peer Helper Requirements:

  • Peer Helpers are set at a higher standard than other students and my involvement will be challenging.

  • I must make Peer Helping a priority. Peer Helping requires time at school both as an elective class and time away from classes in which you will need to complete work independently. It will also require some time after school and weekends.

  • I must participate in required peer helper training that will be scheduled during the summer as well as throughout the school year.

  • I must set a positive example for my classmates by being accepting, supportive, and helpful.

  • I must abstain from negative use of technology/social media involving elicit, threatening, or sexual behavior or innuendos. I must abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal drugs.

  • I must maintain confidentiality of students and of program related activities. I must document communication I have with other students in which I am performing duties as a Peer Helper.

Macbook Takeup

MacBook collection will tentatively be held May 14th and May 15th. MacBooks will be collected in Social Studies classes, 8th grade on the 14th and 7th grade on the 15th. 7th grade students will keep their book bags over the summer. 8th grade book bags will be collected the following week in order to give the students the time to get their belonging home. They will discuss this with them during the collection process.

National Junior Honor's Society

NJHS Applications for those who qualified academically were sent home with students on Friday, April 24. Applications are due no later than 3 P.M. on Monday, May 4. Qualifying students must have a 3.75 GPA in the four core classes for first semester and 3rd quarter. If any student feels that they qualified and did not get an application, please see Mrs. Pearson in room 224 after reviewing your grades in Inow.

DMS field day!

Field day 2015 is coming and it is going to be better than ever! This years events include inflatables, games, concessions, and students are more excited for Field Day then they have ever been! Students should have already turned in a form to order their shirts and buy a ticket, which were due this past Friday, but there is one last call for participation. You must have your permission form and money to Ms. Duke by 8 AM Monday morning. Field day itself will be on May 8th, 2015. We hope to see you there!

Volleyball Tryouts Finalized


Any up-coming 8th grade students who did not make the 1st cut OR could not try-out previously, may try-out again Thursday and Friday of next week (04/30, 05/01), from 3:30-4:30. There are four available spots for the 8th grade volleyball team. All seventh grade team members are final.


Managers will keep the books and take scores at games. Managers practice with the team in every aspect. If they improve, they earn playing time during games. Managers were chosen for their attitude, work ethic, and potential above all others.

Congratulations to the 8th grade Volleyball Team
Madison Calkins, Tyndal Godwin, Kameron Reeves, Jordan Sampson, Meadow Stowell, Savannah Weed, and Lillie Yazdi

Congratulations to the 7th grade Volleyball Team

Rebecca Durant, Grace Gelarden, Hannah Keel, Emma Neyhart, Avery Nicholas, Jada Lim, Autumn Porter, Camille Prince, Airelle Prim, Lia Ramos, Shaniah Shaw, Taylor Ann Staab, Jordan Vaughan