The Zhou Dynasty Years: 1111-256

By: Nandita Gupta and Mariana Suarez


The Zhou Dynasty rulers expanded and unified China in a lot of ways. One way is that they spread their rule over China through a system called “Feudalism”. Nobles owned the farm lands, which is worked by peasants, or serfs. The serfs paid the nobles for the use of the land. In return, nobles paid the king a portion of what their peasants produced. The nobles promised to send the king soldiers in the time of war. The king granted each noble complete control of his own land. The noble was like a king on his land. A noble’s land consisted of a walled town and the farms around it, each with its own government. In the Zhou dynasty the farming methods improved, stores of surplus grain grew. They expanded the use of writing by using bronze, wood, silk, and bamboo for recording information. Writing made possible the growth and spread of China’s unique culture and civilization.


Zhou Dynasty economics has a lot of thing to it. This dynasty traded goods and gave jobs. They were really into bronze, iron, etc. They traded very important good like sesame, wheat, rice, water oats, small beans, soybeans, iron, bronze and silk. They traded within China because there wasn't as many trading transportation. The two main jobs in this period of time were farmers and army men.
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Religion/ Culture/Social Life

The Zhou Dynasty encouraged in heavenly sprites, terrestrial forces and human ancestors. All people also believed that the Heavens would control the daily lives of the people. The dynasty also began Mandate of Heaven. Art was very important in this time period. Chinese people used pottery for daily life. Silk was also used to write on. Daily life in Ancient China for most people was difficult. Children ere required to be respectful to there father and mother. If they didn't they would get severally punished. Merchants and Craftsmen would be living outside the walls of the city and make good to sell inside the city. They would have to defend themselves when an enemy attacked the city.
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Inventions/Technology/Science and Architecture

There were many inventions and scientific discoveries in the Zhou Dynasty. One of them was Horseback Communication. This was a form of Communication that involved people riding horses to deliver messages aroung the empire. This method was quick, which helped communication spread rapidly around the empire. Another invention was the Mandate of heaven. How it worked was, if a king ruled well he earned heavens support called "Mandate of Heaven". One other invention was Plows. It helped agriculture, it made farming and the producing of crops much easier and efficient.