Dear Dean:

Recently, I read in a magazine about the problem that you are passing. I know that you are asking for some advices to solve your problem. I sympathize with you problem because i have a lot of friend that are reallt involve with technology, but for me it is not so important in our lifes. So i would like to give you my opinion about it.

To begin with, I think that everybody have differents tastes, habbys, and ways of being fashion. And each one of us have the decision of use and choose whatever we want. For example, there are some people that are really involve with technology and trends(like music and clothes). other peoples just don’ care so much on being up to date. and this peoples are focus in what they really think that is important for them.

In your case, I believe that act like that bacause the majoity of teenagers in thw world are really up to date. they want to have the lastest models in cellphones, laptos, tablet, etc. Also it happens with the music and chlothes. Teenagers buys cds and clothes according to what other people use just because it is a trend.

Second, I belive that you are a great person because you prove what you really are, your true tastes and hobbys. you are not so interested in trends. But it is not so bad, so you do not have to feel sad; because you are doing and using what you want, and not what your friends say. For me, you are a very mature guy, you don’t have to change your way of being yourself, you just be happy and talk with your friends about it, maybe some of them will continue criticize you . On the other hand, your true friends are going to stop of criticize you, and they are going to respect your tastes, and you could have a good relation.

To sum up, I just want to say that you have to being like you are today, and don’t let that te critics of your friends could change you. You should do and save your money for what you believe that is important for you. You are the one that can take your decisions and direct your life.

Karen Siapo