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November 28, 2012

News You Can Use

We have created a Team 4 Cornelia website with the following information for you:
  • Homework Calendars (click on the event to see the details)
  • Event Calendar
  • Teacher Web Sites
  • Download Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Field Trip Information

Check it out!

Please remind your child to bring appropriate outdoor clothing to school each day. Recommended: stocking cap/ear muffs, winter jacket, snow pants or snow suit, gloves/mittens, & snow boots. Students are not allowed to use the sledding hill unless they are wearing these items of clothing. Students go outside every day unless the temperature is below zero and may not stay inside unless they bring a doctor's order to school.

Reading Update by Mrs. Laven

Mrs. Laven's Class is reading Realistic Fiction novels.

This week we will wrap up our Realistic Fiction novels. Students read and discussed one of these novels in small groups: Extra Credit, by Andrew Clements; Crash, by Jerry Spinelli; or The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park. Students focused on writing summaries, predictions, questions, responses, and vocabulary logs as they read.

For summaries and links to these novels, click here.

Reading Update by Mr. Erickson

Non-Fiction Informational Text Study

Students will be reading non-fiction text and learning how features and structure in this type of text can help with their reading comprehension. Features include such things as graphs, tables, photos, and a glossary. Structure includes such things as compare and contrast, sequential, and cause and effect.

"Nonfiction texts allow children to experience the wonder of the world. Nonfiction texts build on children's interests and increase vocabulary and background knowledge. When we help our students become proficient readers of nonfiction texts, we help them become successful at school and in the “real world.” Research shows that about 85% of what adults read on a daily basis is nonfiction. Teachers have a great responsibility in teaching students to tackle this genre."

Math Update by Mrs. Carlson & Ms. Gesme

Unit 4: Decimals and Their Uses / Unit 5: Big Numbers, Estimation, and Computation

We began Unit 4 during the week of November 12 and have continued with it upon our return from Thanksgiving Break. We anticipate having the unit test on or near Dec. 7. There are four main areas of focus:

-Extend the base-ten place value system to decimals through thousandths,

-Review and extend basic concepts, notation, and applications for decimals,

-Extend whole-number methods of addition and subtraction to decimals, and

-Review relationships among metric units of length.

Unit 5 will begin on or near Dec. 10. These lessons will be continued after Winter Break. As with the previous unit, there are four main areas of focus:

- Extend basic multiplication facts and reveiw the basic principles of multiplication of multidigit numbers,

-Provide practice estimating and deciding when estimation is appropriate,

-Review and provide practice with the parial-products algorithm and the lattice method for multiplication (see videos below), and

-Practice reading, writing, and comparing large numbers.

Partial Products Multiplication Strategy
Lattice Multiplication