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Welcome to our school!

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Welcome to Mission Vista Academy!

We are so happy you have decided to partner with us in your homeschooling journey!

Having all the information upfront is very important. We would like to address as many details as possible, so you will know that Mission Vista Academy is the right fit for your homeschooling family.

If you have any questions, your first point of contact is your Homeschool Teacher (HST). You are also welcome to reach out to your Family Liaisons:

Audrey Everson audrey.everson@missionvistaacademy.org (951) 541-4809

Andrea Hart andrea.hart@missionvistaacademy.org (951) 378-6144

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Virtual Orientation!

The South Schools' Family Liaisons hosted a Virtual Orientation for our new families! This was an excellent opportunity for new families, like you, to familiarize yourself with the information needed to start the 2020/21 school year!

Your Family Liaisons shared an overview of the school's resources and have also provided you with the slides with live links.

You can view the Virtual Orientation HERE.

You can view the presentation slides HERE.

Questions? Reach out to your Family Liaisons:

Audrey Everson audrey.everson@missionvistaacademy.org (951) 541-4809

Andrea Hart andrea.hart@missionvistaacademy.org (951) 378-6144

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The Beginner’s QUICK Guide to Homeschooling:


  2. Get acquainted with homeschooling lingo.

  3. Discover your child’s learning style and your homeschooling style.

  4. Research homeschooling models and methodologies.

  5. Find your support network, co-op, homeschool tribe, community…

  6. Get to know where you live.

  7. Set homeschooling goals!

  8. Plan around babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

  9. Create YOUR homeschool, not Sally’s or Suzie’s!

  10. Enjoy this time with your children!

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First Day of School: August 17, 2020

Last Day of School: May 28, 2021

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Communication is very important!

You will be communicating with your teacher (HST) on a regular basis. Monthly meetings are done in person. Communication during the month via email, text, FaceTime, Zoom, or phone calls may also be needed.

Please make sure your teacher has your correct contact information!

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MVA - Mission Vista Academy - this is the name of your school

HST - Homeschool School Teacher

ICS - Inspire Charter Services

CC - Community Connections

LL - Lending Library

EOS - Enrichment Ordering System

HQT - Highly Qualified Teacher (Also known as a content teacher, like a chemistry teacher.)

COS - Curriculum Ordering System

IGP - Individualized Graduation Plan (High School)

CPA - ChoicePlus Academy (High School & Middle School 7th-8th)

MA - Master Agreement

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Curriculum and Homeschool styles

If you are new to homeschool curriculum, we are happy to help navigate the vast choices available and filter resources that would best fit the unique learning style of your student.

Homeschool Philosophy

Interested in learning more about your child’s learning style in order to make curriculum decisions? Head over to our school website to explore more about learning styles and homeschool philosophies!


Deciding what curriculum will be best for your homeschool journey can be very daunting. There are so many wonderful choices. You may want to start by doing some online research, talking to other homeschool parents, visiting park days to network with other families, and discussing options with your HST. Our school offers parents freedom to choose the curriculum that will work best for their family, so take your time and ask questions until you feel comfortable with your choices. We are here to support you!

South Schools Adopted Curriculum TK - 8th grade

Or select a secular curriculum of your choosing, here are a few:

  • Bookshark

  • Moving Beyond the Page

  • Timberdoodle

  • Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

  • Brave Writer

  • Saxon Math

  • Math U See

...and so many more!

Reminders: All items purchased with planning amounts are the property of Mission Vista Academy. Non-consumables or unused consumables will be returned once the educational curriculum is completed or the student withdraws from Mission Vista Academy.

Mission Vista Academy is a public charter school and by law must remain non-sectarian in all aspects of its operation. State funds may not be used to purchase religious material.

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Daily Learning

You are in control of your student's daily learning!

You will coordinate curriculum and activities that best fit your child's learning style and needs.

Please ask your teacher for guidance if needed.

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Parent Portal

After you receive an email with your login information, you can access the Parent Portal.

This is how your family will use the Parent Portal:

✦ To claim attendance (please see instructions here)

✦ To see state test results

✦ To access grades

✦ To access the Parent Handbook

✦ Access I CAN statements

✦ Request work permits (High School students)

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I CAN statements

One way to track progress is to follow our I CAN statements, which are the learning goals for each grade. It is advised to frequently check in with the I CAN statements and celebrate as you check off what has been mastered!

TK-8 I CAN Statements Information (checklists, scope & sequence, grade level descriptions)

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Planning Amounts

Planning amounts are allocated so that you can provide enrichment opportunities for your child. Enrichment services and products serve to expand student knowledge and experiences.

Planning amounts can be used for technology, secular curriculum, educational materials, educational field trips, classes, and services provided by an approved vendor.

  • July 15th - 2020-2021 planning amounts will be available and new orders can be placed. Orders can be fulfilled after 2020-2021 Master Agreement has been signed
  • August 1st - New student order fulfillment
  • August 17th - First day of the 2020-2021 school year, school officially opens, and technology orders will begin fulfillment

** These dates and amounts are subject to change.

Enrichment Ordering Site (EOS)

Click here to submit an order.

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Enrichment Department

The Enrichment Department processes MVA-led field trip requests, all your family's material, curriculum, product, and vendor orders.

Once you place an order, your teacher reviews it to make sure the educational value of the item lines up with your academic goals.

The item(s) will get shipped to you from the vendor or website you ordered from.

All service orders need to be ordered from an approved vendor. Product orders can be made from any educational site or company. All material must be secular and of educational quality.

Your teacher will let you know how to place orders and the items that are not acceptable.

All items/products ordered with planning amounts are the property of Mission Vista Academy and must be returned upon leaving our school.

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Lending Libraries

Mission Vista Academy's Mobile Lending Library has been created as a service to our homeschool families. The Lending Library gives families access to additional hands-on learning resources for free. Similar to the public library system, families can check-out items from our Mobile Lending Library for a short amount of time, and pick up/return items to our librarians at one of our park days.
Mobile Lending Library Site

Click here for the Lending Library system! Your login is the same as your Enrichment Ordering System login and Field Trip login.

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Please note our Field Trip policy

✦ All field trips require a family chaperone to attend; no student drop offs allowed.

✦ Registration for all field trips is completed online.

✦ All educational, teacher-led school field trips allow each MVA student to use their planning amounts to attend.

✦ When attending one of our HST-led field trips, families can book one free chaperone ticket per four enrolled Mission Vista Academy students. When making a booking for your family, please be sure to book the free chaperone, so that we can have an accurate number of attendees.

✦ Additional adults and siblings can be paid for out of pocket when registering online.

✦ If your family decides to use an approved field trip vendor, student tickets can be purchased using planning amounts for enrolled MVA students, but chaperones need to pay out of pocket; chaperone tickets will not be paid for these trips.

Field Trips on Inspiration Station

These are HST hosted field trips for the Inspire Family of Schools. Your login is the same as your Enrichment Ordering System login.

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Testing & Assessments

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How do you stay informed all year long?

Please make sure to read through the Family Newsletter each week so you don't miss important school information and events!!

We have a weekly Family Newsletter sent out during the school year.

There are four ways to see this Newsletter.

1. Receive it weekly from your teacher.

2. Read the newsletter on MVA's Website.

3. See it posted on our Mission Vista Academy Facebook page (current week is pinned to the top).

4. Receive it automatically to your email inbox - You can ask to be added by emailing audrey.everson@missionvistaacademy.org OR andrea.hart@missionvistaacademy.org

Join our Mission Vista Academy Facebook Group

Access to this page is granted after enrollment has been verified.

Click here to follow us on Instagram.

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