Simple Machines

By Alistair Fleming


The screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder at an angle. This needs force to attach one object to another. You push on the top and twist. this uses force because you need to push.
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The pulley is a grooved circle with a rope on it and one end is tied to an object or the output force while on the other end a man or other object pulls or the input force. this uses force because you need to pull up or down to move the object at the other end.
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The wedge can be used for various reasons such as cutting something with a knife or ax or a door stop. it consists of a thin edge tapering it to a thin point. A knife or ax uses force because the thin edge pierces what you are trying to cut while the thick edge splits it apart when you push with it.
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Inclined Plane

An inclined plane or ramp spreads the amount of force over a distance. While this takes more time than going straight up it is far more effective because you need less force in one place. The longer the ramp the more time but less force is needed.
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