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Book Nook 2 / Pipe Dreams, a surfers journey with Jason Borte


1. "I didn't start surfing because I expected it to be my career. It was something I just had a good time doing. But once I started, I couldn't stop...And I couldn't fathom that I would learn to thrive on the waves that scared me senseless."

2. "I've been called a lot of things, but perhaps the most common word to describe me is 'competitive.'"

3. "I guess I was a quick learner, because by 1982, I was winning most of the local Menehune contests."

4. "I want you to meet the Slater brothers, these kids are gonna be the best surfers in the world one day."

5. "If you told me back then at the Surfside Playhouse that the places in those movies would one day seem like home to me, I would have died laughing."

6. "Many of the greatest athletes, artists, and overachievers of any kind come from imperfect families...My something was surfing, but unfortunately in many cases that something is negative."

7. "The ocean was my refuge. Surfing was the one thing that was always there for me; it made me smile."

8. "The only way to prove yourself as a surfer is through commitment"

9. "It's easy to become shortsighted and think you can surf forever, without preparing yourself for the future. If you can't finish school, there probably aren't a lot of things in life you can finish."

10. "I can't lay the blame for my money problems with anyone but myself...but it was a tough way to learn a lesson."

All of these quotes have similarities. They show that no matter what he never gave up. Although, when times were tough, Slater thought he would have never made it big. With his commitment and competitiveness, he was able to take something he just did for fun, and turn it into a career. Yes it was hard, but I'm sure Kelly doesn't regret anything, because it got him where he is today.


The theme that I think is most evident and interesting is when he talks about his childhood. Kelly didn't have an easy life growing up. Although, his parents did everything they could to help them have a great childhood, it wasn't always easy. Growing up, Kelly spent a lot of time in the water, which is always a good thing. While at home his parents would fight a lot, eventually they got a divorce. Even though his childhood wasn't the best when it came to family, it made him who he is today. I'm sure Kelly felt like he had to prove himself to his friends and family, so it made him want to work harder. He wanted to show that even though he came from a poor, low childhood, he could still make something of himself. I think this is very important because he did make something of himself. Now he is able to support not only him, but his family. It may have been a hard life, but there's a reason for everything. If it wasn't for all of that, he may not have been where he is today.


Personally, this book should be a best seller. It shows how someone came from a not so great childhood, an really made something of himself. It also shows how he never gave up, even when it seemed like he couldn't handle life anymore, he kept on pushing. It is also amazing to see how great of a surfer Kelly Slater is. If you like surfing, then this book is obviously for you. Kelly talks about all the heats he competed in, all the surfers he competed against, and all the places he's been. If you like adventure and competitiveness, then I strongly recommend this book to you. I guarantee you wont regret it.

Paper Towns by John Green


There was many problems in this book, but the one the stood out to me the most, was at the very end of the book. When Quentin, Radar, Ben, and Lacey drove all the way up to New York to find Margo. Now, that isn't the problem, I most likely would've done the same thing. The problem was, that when they finally got there and found Margo, after Quentin got to spend the day the day or so with her, she told him that she wasn't going to go back with them. Margo had decided that she was going to stay at this subdivision and just go from there. I can see how that was a huge problem in Quentin's life at the moment. Margo, maybe not so much, but Quentin's heart probably broke hearing her say that. In the book, Quentin try's to understand her, and eventually they end up leaving to go back to Orlando, Florida. That is defiantly not how I would've handled that problem. If I had drove all the way to New York to find the girl I was madly in love with; just for her to tell me she's staying there, I would've done anything it took to persuade her to come back with me. I guess not all stories have a happy ending.


If I had to remove one character from this book, it would have to be Becca, which is one of Margo's best friends. She may be on of the most popular girl in school, but that doesn't mean she's the nicest. She's the type of girl that is over every single guy in the school. It didn't seem like she treated Margo like a true friend, she was kind of like a filler friend, or the last option. One of the cruel things that Becca did, was start a rumor about Quentin's friend Ben. In tenth grade, Ben was hospitalized due to a kidney infection, but Becca twisted the story into something that wasn't true, and got the entire school to call Ben names like "Bloody Ben." Becca is the type of girl I would stay away from in high school, maybe that's why I didn't care for her in this book.
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1. “My heart is really pounding," I said.
"That's how you know you're having fun," Margo said. ~ This is when Quentin and Margo spent all night pranking all the people that Margo wanted to get revenge on. At first, Quentin wasn't up for it, but he liked Margo so much that he did it anyways. He was scared and nervous all night that his heart would race after any prank they pulled. Margo, being the adventurous person she is, is having the time of her life.

2. “I can almost imagine a happiness without her, the ability to let her go, to feel our roots are connected even if I never see that leaf of grass again.” ~ Towards the middle of the book, Margo disappeared and ran away, but that didn't stop Quentin from looking for her. After a while of what seems like he was getting no where, he started to imaging what life would really be like without her.

3. “The town was paper, but the memories were not.” ~ To me, this quote means that the town which they lived in, was just a beat up broken town that they lived in. It wasn't the town that they loved, or that they would miss, it was all the memories that they had in it. They would hold onto those memories forever. Anything other than that, was just paper.

4. “Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will” ~ Life is full of surprises. For example, Quentin would have never imagined that the love of his life would come knocking on his window in the middle of the night asking him for help. We never know what life may hold. It's one big adventure, and that's the beauty of it all.

5. “Peeing is like a good book in that it is very, very hard to stop once you start.” ~ I thought that this was very humorous. This was when they drove all the way to New York to go find Margo. They didn't have much time and they had to get there as soon as possible. Ben really had to pee, but they couldn't waste time to stop. So, using his resources, he used a beer bottle.


1.Q: Margo, why did you run away, leaving everybody worried as to where you were?

A: I ran away because I felt like I needed something more. I wasn't meant to live in that so called paper town. My life wasn't going anywhere out there. I didn't really enjoy going to school, it just wasn't my thing, so I just needed to get away from my old life and start fresh.

2.Q: Margo, did you miss any friends or family while in New York for so long?

A: Yes, I missed my friends more so than my family. I'd have to say I missed Quentin the most. I didn't want to admit it and look weak, but I truly did miss him, a lot. It was extremely hard to let him go.

3.Q: Quentin, why did you keep looking for her, after it seemed like you were never going to find her?

A: Because I really did love her, I wouldn't have been able to go on with my life if I didn't have the satisfaction of knowing I actually tried.

4.Q: Quentin, I'm sure at times you felt like giving up, what gave you the motivation to keep going?

A: Margo would leave these little clues that hinted to where she was at, so that really helped me to want to figure out another puzzle piece. When I really felt like it was over, I would listen to the music she liked, or I would just think about her. It seemed like every time I did that, I got a step closer to her, and then I would discover another clue. So, that's what really kept me going.

5.Q: Quentin, now I know you skipped graduation with some friends to go find Margo, do you regret doing so?

A: Not one bit. When I got there, I expected her to come back with us, and even though she didn't; which kind of sucked, I still don't regret it. I at least wanted to see her one last time, and the fact that I got to do that, gives me a little bit of peace.

6.Q: Margo, what made you want to pick Quentin that night you guys did the pranks?

A: Quentin thought that I just needed him for his van, but I could've easily asked anybody else that had a car to help me. But I picked him, because I wanted to spend time with him, I knew I was leaving the next day, and I wanted to be able to spend my last night with him.

7.Q: Margo, why did you put him through all of that stress and worry, if you knew you were leaving the next day?

A: I didn't want to, but I had to get out of there. It's not the first time I've don't something like this, I have ran away before. Not only did I have to go, but I wanted to see if he'd actually look for me. Every time I disappear, I leave little clues for people, and Quentin was the only one willing to figure them out and find me.

8.Q: Quentin, I remember you saying that you have never missed a day of school, how did you build up the courage to miss a day to drive to somewhere she wasn't even at?

A: It was extremely hard, don't get me wrong, but I was willing to do anything it took do go find her. It was disappointed that she wasn't there, but that didn't mean I was going to stop looking. My goal was to find her, and I was going to accomplish that.

9.Q: Margo, you said that this wasn't the first time you ran away, did you not live in a good home that made you never want to be there?

A: I lived in a nice house, I had stuff. But people think if you have materialistic things that all that maters, but that's not the case. My life my have looked pleasing to people around me, but my family was broken. My parents were not good parents, they made life a living hell.

10.Q: Quentin, what about Margo, made her so special to you? What made you like her more than anyone else?

A: She was life a good book, hard to stop reading. She was such a mystery and it made me want to find out more. Not only was she beautiful, but there was something else about her that made me want to find out more about her.


Paper Town by John Green is mainly about A boy named Quentin that is madly in love with this girl named Margo. When she unexpectedly shows up at his house in the middle of the night asking him to help her get a few things, they end up spending all night together. Then the next morning, she's gone. Quentin does absolutely everything it takes to find her. The main character in this book; Quentin, is a very awkward, yet fun guy to be around if you get to know him. He begins to become stressed, sad, and he cant seem to focus on anything but Margo. He just wants to find her, and make sure that she is okay. Quentin is extremely worried, so his main goal is to find her. The main themes are normally at school, at parties, at somebody's house, and sometimes in Ben's car; which is his best friend. I believe that the authors message can always mean something different depending on how that person takes it. It may be to show people that sometimes you just have to let go, or it may show people to never give up on something you love. I really enjoyed reading this novel. It was mysterious and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was hard for me to put the book down. I also think I liked it so much because the character reminded me a little bit of myself. If you enjoy mysteries, comedies, or romance novels, then I strongly recommend this book to you. This book is full of all of that. There is always a puzzle piece to put together. Once you finish one, there is always another one waiting for you right around the corner.


A few opinions of what others think of the book

Inspiring and Intriguing

"It's amazingly well-written, John Green is an amazing author, and I enjoyed it immensely. It has inappropriate moments for sure, but nothing that teenagers or preteens couldn't handle to read. It is heartbreaking, but the literature is great! A book about finding yourself and about knowing others is definitely something kids should be reading."

"I literally loved this book. I believe it to be the best of John Greens offerings, and those books do indeed set a high bar."

"The teens in the book act true to their age, which is on a high school level, so keep that in mind for younger kids. However, I think as a young adult novel it's acceptable for all teens. There's definitely nothing new that your teen shouldn't have heard before. PLUS, it's an amazing book filled with quirk and wit and will really get you thinking. John Green's writing is effortlessly beautiful and the book is perfect."