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Hey, Leyden students!!! Welcome to the November Edition of "The NEST". East Leyden Student Services newsletter featuring your favorite counselors and social workers. Here we will focus on ongoing planning for your post-secondary future, taking a look at the big picture stuff, and also important events coming soon to Leyden. From all of us in Student Services, we wish you all a safe, wonderful holiday.

Eagle Bites

Every month stop in and try out a recipe from one of your favorite student services members. This month try out this fall harvest-inspired appetizer that will disappear faster than the summer. A very special thanks to Dani E. & Mrs. Erickson for sharing this months recipe.

Senior Class 2020-21

Welcome to Mrs. Muldoon & Penny's Virtual Office

Financial Aid Booklet

The following informational booklet is to help you understand the many ways to finance your education and make your dreams come true. Mrs. Muldoon along with her peer worked hard to bring this booklet if you're in need of guidance with financial aid. In Mrs. Muldoon's virtual office you can also find lots of helpful links.
Financial Aid 101 Flyer

Click the button for a "step by step" list of what to do when applying for financial aid.

Applying For Financial Aid

Click here!!! Attached is the "Applying for Financial Aid" flyer in English, Español, i Polski.

Financial Aid Application


ISAC can help you discover what’s possible for you—and we can help provide the support and resources for you to carve a path to get there. In addition to the state grants and scholarships we administer, the ISACorps provides direct services to students and parents statewide in helping them navigate the process of education after high school, financial aid, college search and admissions, and more.

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To Stay Focused & Make Your Plan Of Attack!

The excitement of the holidays—and the corresponding break from school—can make it hard for teens to focus, but schoolwork can't take a backseat to holiday activities.

Finals and college applications don't disappear during the holiday season, either, so parents should pay close attention to ensure their teen finishes the year on a strong note. The following tips can help parents & teens keep on track through New Year's.

1. Map it out: Schedules are hectic over the holidays. Jotting application deadlines, assignment due dates, and big exams on the calendar can help parents and students prioritize their time.

Make a list, check it twice, then make your plan of attack!

That plan should include blocking time out each day so students aren't overwhelmed during the final days of the semester.

[Get three tips to teach teens healthy study habits.]

Using an online calendar allows parents/teens to keep track of their progress without it nagging you. Google Calendar is great because it has a share feature. You can have it indicate on the calendar what you and even for friends accomplished each day, and then you can just keep your eye on things.

2. Embrace the spirit: Don't pretend like this is any other time of year. Instead, harness the excitement to motivate yourself.

PARENTS/FRIENDS!! Don't ignore that the energy in the air is all about the holidays coming up. Encourage a break between English and math and surprise them with a hot chocolate or talk about what gifts they should get friends or family. Everyone likes a Starbucks drink for a much needed R&R time.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating gifts to a needy family gets students involved in their community and helps parents promote their family values. It also helps build experiences for college applications and essays.

3. Keep looking ahead: December is often a time to reflect on the past year, but teens can push themselves and friends to focus on what is in front of them.

For juniors, that means starting the college search in earnest. For seniors, that means finishing college essays, submitting applications, and researching financial aid options.

[Get 10 tips for writing college application essays.]

Younger students aren't off the hook, either. Underclassmen should spend the holidays thinking about internships, camps, or classes they want to participate in over the summer. Your world and your future are waiting for you to make it the best future and world for you and everyone. You should think of where you want to be and focus on making that happen.

It's an opportunity for underclassmen to reflect on … [how] you will continue to explore your interests while building a strong collegiate profile. Ask your parents/friends to help keep their focus on the activities that they need in order to propel themselves forward towards those higher education goals.

Ms. Jablonska's Scholarship Resources

Personal Essays Rundown

Below is the rundown of what to focus on to outlining your knock em' dead personal essay.
College Essay Tips | How To Outline Your Personal Statement

Mrs. Erickson shares "Getting Involved at Leyden!!"

Check out the slides brought to you by Mrs. Reynolds & Mr. Vasquez to help you get more involved at Leyden. Click Here!! or in Mrs. Erickson's virtual office below.


In this tutorial, Mrs. Erickson will help you step by step to create your Parchment account. You will then have access to view or make requests to send your official transcripts to universities and colleges, etc. you are applying to.
Parchment Account Instructions

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