Physical Science

While you are riding a dirt bike there are many physics that occur, such as equilibrium, center of balance, and gravity. When a dirt bike is on flat ground, gravity exerts a force on the center of mass. As the front wheel of the dirt bike leaves the ground after going off a jump the normal force of it disappears. The are many other physics that can occur but I have only listed a few!

The Most interesting part of My Visit

It all started when my brother and I were dirt biking at my dad's friends cabin in the North Woods. We decided to ride on the same trail so I rode ahead of him. As I came out the other end of the trail I looked back to see where he was, after about 5 minutes I shut the engine off and waited 5 more minutes. Then I got back on the trail to go fin him, and all of a sudden I saw him sitting on the dirt bike, I asked what was wrong, he said he ran out of gas. So I rode back to the cabin to tell my dad what happened so he put a gas can on the back of an atv and went out there to find him. I thought it was pretty funny that brother ran out of gas in the middle of the trail!

3 Things About Me

I am very athletic and I like to play soccer. I am smart in school and I get good grades. I am also very funny and can make my friends laugh.