Technology class

By: Dane Van Vonderen (Day 2 Hour 1)


1. iMovie lets you add music to your video.

2. Unlike most video apps, iMove lets you pick your own transitions and sound effects to add to your video.

3. You can also add pictures to your video, shorten the pictures and lengthen them.


1. There is a trailer animation already made for you so you can just record your video, type in some text and BOOM! Your video is done!

2. Animation is already made for you.

3. You can type credits and Titles into your trailer.

Haiku Deck

1. You can find pictures easily for your slides.

2. Choose different formats of slides like the "Title" format.

3. Make any length haiku deck for your project

Explain Everything

1. Record your voice in your slides

2. easily add photos and videos to your slides

3. Good for school projects and presentations!

Go Animate

1. Easily make animations for presentations at work or at school.

2. You can record your voice into a video or if you are too shy, there are robots that voice for you!

3. You can choose your characters and background for your videos.