Bio Pics

By: Anthony A and Carson M


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The plants in the fish bowl are biotic factors. They are alive, which proves why they are biotic.


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The rocks are abiotic factors. They care non-living, proving they are abiotic.


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These plants create "food" for themselves. They do this through photosynthesis.


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The Nesquik bunny has to gather food in order to get energy. Heterotrophs cannot produce their own food.

Food Chain

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Producers: Lunch Ladies

Primary Consumer: Students

Secondary Consumer; Staff

Tertiary Consumer: Admins

Current Weather

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This is the "weather" inside the school. "Weather changes" in school are caused by this thermostat.

Carbon Cycle

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This guy also exhales carbon through cellular respiration and the trees produce oxygen through photosynthesis.

Water Cycle

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The bottles are made and then put into recycle bins after use; the "water cycle".

Nitrogen Cycle

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Bacteria in this compost bin produces nitrogen.

Phosphorus Cycle

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Dead bugs inside of this dirt/water decompose and release phosphorus.


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Jeffery and Raghuram are in a mutual, friendly relationship.


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The glass cleaner cleans the glass; the glass doesn't help the glass cleaner.


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Anthony hurts the pole by sliding on it and benefits himself by doing so.