Activation Newsletter

September 19, 2016

Welcome to the Activation Movement!

Imagine what your life would be like if you could hear from God daily! Experience this and other amazing adventures with God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, with an "activated" life.

Help Spread The Gospel in Pakistan!

I have been able to connect with some incredible people in Pakistan in recent months, and Jesus is preparing a harvest in that country. I am partnering with Pastor Riaz Arif to help with some of his expenses from a recent fundraising trip to the U.S., as well as distributing 50 Urdu language Bibles to a village in Pakistan that I have been able to minister to through Facebook video conferencing. You can see that they were able to get a copy of my book delivered there! Please help the Activation Movement in our support of our friends in Pakistan using this link!

The Acorn

I just published a new blog about The Acorn, based on a quote from Lyman Abbott, a pastor, magazine editor, and author who died in 1922. Are you believing in the impossible, knowing you need to rely on God like the acorn? Read the entire article here.

The Blessing of Alzheimer's Disease

In another blog article posted this month, I tell the story of my grandmother's struggle with Alzheimer's Disease, which also took its toll on my grandfather, mother, and other family members. But God turned ashes into beauty in her last days - read more here! And thanks to everyone who provided comments and feedback on this so far; this has been an emotional topic with so many dealing with this disease.

Book Signing at Southlake Barnes & Noble

Thanks to everyone who came out to support my book signing event at the Southlake, Texas Barnes & Noble over the Labor Day weekend! I enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by, and it was a fun day.

Other News and Events

I'm excited to be joining Kimberly Ellison and other amazing leaders at the Corporate Jewel Women's Conference in Dallas, Texas, taking place Friday, October 7th at the Bob Duncan Center in Arlington. For more information go to

Also my book will be available at Gateway Church's bookstore as soon as this week, as well as in audiobook format. I'll update you when available!

Fall is almost here, so enjoy the cooler weather and start of the school year, and may God bless and prosper you and your families!

Adam Gellert