Manifest Destiny Far West

trey johnson, brittany bryson, cadyn schrank

The Klondike Gold Rush

  • the Klondike gold rush was a migration of over 100,000 gold prospectors on a mission to find gold in the Klondike region of the Yukon between 1896-1899
  • some gold was found in early 1896 and once news hit san fransisco there was a mad dash for gold in the Klondike.
  • only a few became wealthy
  • once gold was found in Nome Alaska everyone left hastily leaving the Klondike behind
  • prospectors hiked the cold mountainous terrain and didn't get to the Klondike until around 1898
  • in 2 years the population of dawson city went from 500 to 30,000
  • in northwestern Canada
  • George Carmack was the first to discover the gold
  • found in bonanza creek
  • within a few months the creek was full of miners

farming the plains

the united states congress passes homestead act

opened the great plains

settlers got 160 acres

but only if they lived there for over 5 years

between 1862 and 1900 80 million acres was settled

the people were known as homesteaders

plowing and sewing became very hard work

new machinery became invented

John Deeres sodbust