STAARburst Writing

When we write, we want to get it right!

Readings from class

Our Author Study: David Rice

We read three of Rice's short stories: The Death of a Writer, Dove Lesson, and El Cucuy. I've included documents for our work on these stories in the dropbox found below. The stories can be found in Heart Shaped Cookies and Other Stories.


The paired selections over dying/revived art are good, but we didn't get to them during our session. We were going to read them and discuss. There were a few questions along with the kite article. Then we were going to address a short answer using one of these questions:

How is craft important to both the Chinese kite makers and the "knit bomb" teachers?

How is technology influencing whether or not younger generations are involved in crafting as explained in "Aging Chinese kite makers seek young apprentices" and "It's the knit bomb! Teens find creativity and calm in knitting circles"?

Students in attendance have copies of each article in their folders, and the knit bomb Google search below gives you visuals to use along with the article.

A Video Paired Selection

We had fun with these videos. Students used a paper plate to take notes over each speaker's/performer's tone on the subject. Then we did a sort of short answer using quotes to prove our points. It was Sandler. It was Farley. It was amazing what your kids picked up on as we watched.

Do you dream in Spanish? Use your roots to understand more words!

English can be a tough language. See why below!