A Little Bit Scary

By, Zach Snyder

You may think that Casper is a little bit scary, but...

  • Casper is very cool and nice.
  • Casper has a heart the size of a thumb nail.
  • casper is so smart that he is smarter than Instien.
  • casper can make a cry face smile.
  • Casper is not that good at peekaboo but Casper is very good at staring contests.

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Good Deeds

  • Does a lot of charity.
  • Helps people if their hurt.
  • Does funrasers


Casper has a lot of people in his family. In his family he has 5,641 bothers and 4,999 sisters. Casper 57 dads and 61 moms in his family. he has 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 dogs.


Casper is the best water boy on the lacrosse team and the football team. he is very good at chess, eating hot dog contests, and karate.

Casper Favorite Things

His favorite things to do are to eat crackers, prank people, go to A.C.D.C. conserts, and cook.