Uranus' Moon


-How it got its name

-When it got discovered

-Fun facts

How Ariel got its name

Ariel got its name By an English writer named Alexander pope based off of a character in his poem called rape of the locks.

When Ariel got discoverd

Ariel got discovered in 1851 by a British astronomer named William Lassel. At the time of his discovery he also was a liverpool busnessman.

Fun facts

Diameter: 719 miles (1,158km).

Apparent Magnitude: (3).

Orbit Period: 2.52 days.

It is 115 thousands miles away from Uranus.

Ariel has curvy valleys and huge canyons.

Ariel is the brightest out of all 27 moons.

The moon keeps particles away from Saturn's ring.

Valleys stretched across the entire surface.

Ariel: Uranus' Moon


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