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What is Dual Credit?

The Dual Credit program allows CPS high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credits while also completing high school graduation requirements. Credits earned are transferable to many four-year colleges or universities.

What's the criteria?

  • Be a junior or senior in high school with at least 11 HS credits completed
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • 90% high school attendance rate
  • Students must meet or exceed the following scores in the desired subject area on the ACT:
    • Minimum ACT Reading of 19 for any courses with a college level reading requirement
    • Minimum ACT Math of 21 for for any courses with a college level math requirement
    • Minimum ACT English of 21 & Reading of at least 19 for courses with college-level English requirement
    • Students who have not yet taken the ACT or who's score is below the minimum requirement will be given the COMPASS placement exam at their school to determine readiness for college level course work.

Some of our top instructors who have a Master's degree in their subject area are Dual Credit teachers:

Ms. Chrishan David

Dual Credit English:

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