CHAMPS Mentor Book Club

What is it?

CHAMPS presents the CHAMPS Mentor Book Club which is open to all mentors and mentees who have a love for reading and learning something new!

What do we read?

Every month we will read a book that has to do with anything from mentoring, to building leadership skills, to learning how to communicate. I have three books I want to choose from and will announce the book before the start date.


Every couple of weeks we will meet together in the Adobe Chat room. This is where we will discuss the book, things we have learned, and have a chance to get to know more about one another!

OMG Bekah when does this start?

So glad you asked! The unofficial start date is March 8th, 2016!

Side note....

I want this to be a fun experience, and one that will keep you all coming back, so although there are a number of pages that you will want to read just so you can keep up with the discussions, you don't have to. Even if you don't have all the reading complete, you can still come to the meetings and gain knowledge through interaction with the rest of the group. I don't want this to feel like homework or a chore. I want to unite the readers and socialize and learn a little something along the way! More details will be coming soon such as the book we will be reading and the date of the first discussion chat, so just keep looking out for the post.