extreme weather

survival plan


If you go into the wild you may encounter various kinds of weather. The weather that this survival plan covers is thunderstorms, tornados, and wind storms.


How to know if a thunderstorm is coming? Well, if you see a large cloud or if you hear thunder, that means that thunder storms are coming. How to stay safe? You can crouch down with your head between your knees, to cover your ears . To do this in the safest way, you should be in an open field.


How to know a tornado is coming? Well, if you see rotating clouds or hear a rumble. Also, if you see a greenish blackish sky. How to stay safe? You should lie near a ditch or depression.

wind storm

How to know a windstorm is coming? If a tree is losing it's branches and has fewer than before. How to stay safe? You can go into a ditch or a hallow under ground and lay face down and protect your head.