Order Strigiformes

Class Aves, Infraclass Neognathae, Superorder Neoaves

Basic Information

  • There are around 200 species of owls in this order.
  • They are found in all regions except Antarctica and some remote islands.

Defining Characteristics of Order

The birds in this order are identified by:
  • an upright stance
  • large broad head
  • binocular visual
  • binaural hearing
  • sharp talons
  • feathers adapted for silent flight.

Interesting Facts

  • Owls are divided into two families: True owls-Strigidae and Barn owls-Tytonidae
  • Many owls exhibit reverse sexual dimorphism which means the female is larger than the male.
  • Owls tend to mimic the colorations and textures of their surroundings for camouflage.