OCPL Weekly Update

January 21, 2015

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Children's Services

Coming up next week:

· Tinker Tuesday at South Oldham from 4-5 Pm on Tuesday January 26th. Drop-in STEAM activities.

· Bilingual Story Time at Main on Saturday, January 30th at 2:30 PM at Main.

· All other programs are same as they ever are, but Maker Mondays has a waitlist going. So anyone who signs up for Maker Mondays will have to wait to hear if they get in for that week.

In other news, Juvenile Fiction DVDs will now check out for 7 days. This is an automatic date; no need to change it in circ. I think that our families will be pleased with this.

Have a great week!


Outreach & Adult Programming

Hopefully, weather cooperating, the Free Tax Prep at the Main Library has started today (Thursday, Jan. 21st). They will be here Thursdays from noon-8pm (appointment scheduling ends at 7pm), and Saturdays from 9:30-noon. A couple of things to remember:

· This service is by appointment only. Please encourage patrons to call (502) 647-3072 to schedule. This is for the patrons' benefit. If the volunteers have time, they will take walk-ins, but that person might not get seen that day or will have to wait an extended period.

· Please also remind patrons that calls for appointments are only taken during regular office hours (9:30-5pm). If they call after that, they can leave a message, and SOMEONE WILL RETURN THEIR CALL in the order the calls were received. Please ask them to be patient, and if they have questions refer them to that number.

· The tax prep folks have a copier and supplies. If they need anything else, please refer them to me. If they are asking you for things at the desk, let me know. (This is mostly for the folks working at Main).

· Information about what people need to bring is on the programing page.


Wednesday, January 27th is the K-Count. This is the day in Kentucky where social workers try to get an accurate count of the homeless in each county to be able to apply for federal moneys and grants. We hosted volunteers for this last year at all branches. This year, we’re focusing smaller & just counting people at Main. However, we still want to help the folks who come in. Good News Homes which is organizing this is providing bags with toiletries & food. We still need hats, gloves & scarves. If you feel so moved to donate some to help assist patrons in need, please send them to me in the run on Tuesday, January 26th. Thank you!!


South Oldham Library

Ellie had an interesting telephone reference call recently. A gentleman called to ask her to Google how much roosters cost. His neighbor’s dog killed 2 of his roosters and 2 of his hens and he needs to know how much to ask to be reimbursed for the loss. According to him they are rare Longhorn roosters that were 9-10 months old. He said he doesn’t have a computer and doesn’t know how to use one. Ellie’s reference skills came in handy as she was able to give him an estimate!

We had a court appointed volunteer begin working a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, things went south (no pun intended!) quickly and I had to “fire” her on Tuesday. She worked a total of 3 hours and during that time talked on her cell phone, came in late, left early, lied about the hours she agreed to, brought a friend, and did a very poor job of the task assigned to her.

This week’s gold star goes to Elaine! Oleta got a prank phone call on Saturday from a kid and Elaine used Caller ID to call back and innocently ask if they had just called the library to ask for a book because the number came up on our Caller ID and she wanted to make sure we understood his request. Maybe he’ll think twice before he does that again!

Finally, kudos to Julie, Ellie, Elaine, John & Melissa for working so diligently taking stickers and residue off the CD cases. You guys are certainly a hard working group and I really appreciate it!