Never Hang up Your Cape


Joan Mally (Nana)

Joan lives in Carmel IN with her husband Jim. They have two kids, Kristen and Tim and six grandkids. Joan was once a teacher for grades 6-12 but is now retired. she has lived in multiple states including: Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois. She continues to tutor even though she is retired and this is what makes her my hero.

Who is a hero?

What comes to mind when a newscaster says, "a true hero"? Masked hero clears church sidewalk so homeless can have dinner on Christmas... Young hero takes in starving puppy... Fisherman hero saves drowning girl at sea. The median Webster dictionary defines a hero as, "the chief male character in a story, play, movie." All of these people are great but a true hero is someone who has worked there whole life to make someone else's life better and continues to give back to the community daily. You aren't a hero because you save one life. You are a hero if you never hang up your cape, and make someone's life better every day.
A true hero is someone who has spent their life making others lives better. Consider a teacher in a dirt poor neighborhood who spends her life trying to give low income kids a better life through an education. Even though her pay is little and the conditions are even worse, she still shows up at school every day to give impoverished teens an education. This isn't a "one time hero" but a person who has touched hundreds of people in her life time and had a positive effect on them. Not every one would be this selfless so if you are ever lucky to meet one of these people be sure to thank them and remember how lucky you are to have the in your life.
A real hero continues to be a great community member after their "Glory Days" are over. Just because superman hung up his cape and checked into The Gardens retirement home, doesn't mean that he became a grouchy old man who only leaves his room to yell at the post boy. In order to be a real hero you need to keep contributing to society even after you retire. Whether you are the lady who gives everyone she sees a butterscotch, the old man in the park who lets little kids win at checkers, or the little old lady who helps little kids find their picture books on the library shelves. A real hero never hangs up their cape because no one is to old to be a hero or to tired to be a contributing member of society.
A real hero dedicates their life to making other peoples' lives better and continues to give back to society even after they retire or hit old age. My grandmother is real life hero that I was lucky enough to meet. She became a teacher and impacted hundreds of students over her career. She continues to give back to society even though she's retired by providing cheap tutoring for young kids. There are so many hero's in our everyday life we just don't realize it. If you ever meet a hero, be sure to thank them.

Passion Project

Whenever my brothers and I walk into my Nana’s house we rush to the cookie jars and see what's inside. There is always some sort of cookie. Sometimes there's icebox cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies, sugar cookies but if you're really lucky you find sweetest thumbprint cookies. This is my grandmother's best recipe. So I decided what a better way to commemorate my hero then to learn how to bake one of her favorite dishes. After failed attempts to get my hands on her recipe, I finally found her cookbook and I knew that this would be my project. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did.

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My Nana and I at dinner.
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true heroes

To touch someone's life

Should be everyone's goal

But the ones who achieve it

Are true heroes

They are ordinary people

Don't stand out in a crowd

But hidden among us

Reaching one goal

So whenever you meet them

Be sure to say hi

because heroes come

In every shape, color, or size

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My grandmother gave me a love of baking