eTwinning Rural Schools

Learning Event 2020

Francisco José Balsera Gómez

Hello, My name is Francisco José but all my friends and colleagues call me Fran. I'm a Piano teacher but I am currently working as a pedagogical advisor in a teaching training centre in Zaragoza. This academic year I have had to teach several seminars about eTwinning in rural schools. I believe that this Learning Event will allow me to go in depth in the study of this topic. Nice to see you here. Regards.

Module 0: Let's begin

What is the first word you think about when you think in rural school? And about eTwinning?

Rural School: Friendship, social relationships, teamwork, nature.

eTwinning: Collaborative projects, Europe, to share knowledge, digital literacy.

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MODULE 1: Rural schools in different countries

ACTIVITY 1: What are the most important points you want to highlight? In your opinion, what is the best advantage in rural school? And the worst disadvantage?

These are my ideas:


  1. The student-teacher ratio means teaching learners in a more personalized way and it allows teachers to develop an active pedagogy.
  2. You know pupils, families and local authorities better.
  3. The system promotes active methodologies and a collaborative work beetween students.


  1. Sometimes, lack of technological resources.
  2. High degree of instability among staff.

ACTIVITY 2: Opportunities in using eTwinning in rural schools

  • Internacionalize your school.
  • Connections can be made between teachers. They can share pedagogical practices.
  • Students can improve their language and ICT skills.
  • Learn different cultures.
  • Schools foster inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities.
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ACTIVITY 3: Challenges in using eTwinning in rural schools

  • Improve digital literacy.
  • Use digital tools in a responsible manner.
  • Foster the key competences in a holistic and integrative manner.
  • Integrate eTwinning into the school system.
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ACTIVITY 1: Think about an eTwinning project in a rural school.

AIM: Getting to know the art in our villages, developing creativity and aesthetic awareness.

METHODOLOGY: Project-based learning.

TOPICS: Art history, culture, literature. local history.

APPS, ONLINE TOOLS, RESOURCES: Artsteps, Calameo, Padlet, Genially.

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ACTIVITY 2: Looking for an eTwinning partner

I already have an eTwinning partner for our upcoming project.
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ACTIVITY 3: Rural schools vs. urban schools

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