Pirate News Journal

First Edition, Fall 2018

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2018-19 Pirate News Journal Staff

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Reporters: Aloura Holman, Ainsley Giachetti, MacKenzie Wise, Kaveah Wileyking, and Dajah Short

Pryor Cheerleading

Hello Pirates! My name is MacKenzie Wise, and I am a Pryor cheerleader. I would like to tell you what it takes to be a Pryor cheerleader.

After school, while you are doing homework or playing video games, your very own Pryor cheerleaders are working very hard in the gym or cafeteria. We are doing stunts, dances, chants, etc.

We love to see you at pep rallies and games! Use your school spirit! I know that there is spirit inside each and every one of our Pryor Pirates, so please join, chant, and cheer as loudly as possible at events.

What Does Friendship Mean to Me?

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by Dajah Short

Friendship means that you have a strong bond with your friends, and you don’t let anybody bring you down. Your friendships are really strong, and when you and your friends get into fights, you always find your way back into each others' lives.

The Advice Column

By: Meadow Giachetti

Welcome new Pryor Pirates to Pryor Middle School! Lately around school, I’ve been hearing a lot of new 6th graders talking about the struggles in middle school. Taking the leap from elementary to middle school is a struggle, but keep persevering. Trust me, one day you’ll make it big!

There are people with dreams, and there are hurting people who will sometimes lash out.

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”

  • Spread the positivity

  • Persevere

  • Have friends who have your back

  • Include everybody

  • Make everyday special for yourself and other

I am a new 6th grader to Pryor. How do I do my best in school?


Dear Anonymous,

Welcome to Pryor! My best advice that I can give you is to change focus and ask if you need help. Pryor is known to have very smart kids, we have high grade averages because our students study and pay attention in class.

Apart from the academics, you should join a sport. Our sports teams are known to be the best of the best, and the coaches would love for you to be a part of the team. Right now, for winter season, we have volleyball, soccer, football, cheer, and dance team ongoing. Sports take a lot of practice, but the friends and memories you will make are 100% worth it.

I am glad that you have chosen Pryor as your middle school and hope that you have an excellent first year as a Pirate!

Sincerely, Natalie

2018 Popular Music

by MacKenzie Wise and Kaveah Wileyking

1. No tears left to cry

2. Girls like you

3. Lucid Dreams

4. I’m a Mess

5.God's plan