About Me Project

By: Casey Furrer

Friends describing me

"Casey is the weirdest person I know" Cynthia Borchardt, best friend, 15. "Casey is a creative and interesting person" Michael Mousouris, friend, 14. "Casey is insanely brilliant, insane and speratic" William White, best friend, 14. "Casey is really funny, smart, and crazy" Destiny Luning, friend, 14. "Casey is a good friend and a hard thinker" Alana Mullins, friend,13. "Casey is very friendly, kindhearted and has lots of energy" Makayla Withrock, friend, 14."Casey is one of the biggest Doctor Who fans in the world" Maddie Slusher, friend, 14. "Casey is a strong, hardworking and talented girl, and a great friend" Thomas Sutton, friend, 13. "Casey is the most hyper, crazy, fun, weird and unique friend you can find" Samantha Madera, friend, 14. "Casey is the most fun and smart friend I have" Kirsten Chambers, friend, 13.

My Name

My name is actually Cassandra Lee Furrer. The name Cassandra comes from the Ancient Greek name Kassandra. I was given my name because one camping trip my parents went on while my mom was pregnat with me, they took a baby name book and when they said Cassandra i kicked, so they named me Cassandra. My middle name comes from one of my moms oldest and closest friends, her name is Lee. The name Cassandra means She Knows. I usually go by my nickname Casey. My dad always calls me Kid because i was his first child. I hate that nickname and I hate the name Cassandra, it is too formal, that is not me. Before my parents knew I was a girl, they were thinking that I was a boy so if I had been a boy my name would have been Kenneth Charles Cloyd Furrer jr. So my initials would have been K.C. and that is where my nickname comes from.

My Favorite Two People

My favorite person is one of my best friends Cynthia. We have been vest friends since 5th grade. The first thing she ever said to me was "is that a wig"?" The answer was no of course. She is my favorite person because we can be doing anything but as long as we are doing it together we can have fun doing it. My second favorite person is another one of my best friends William White. I have known him since 1st grade. We are so alike my mom calls us twins. We have the same interests and have been nearly inseparable when we could help it. I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.

My 3 Favorite Belongings

I have this stuffed giraffe names Sally, the is my favorite thing because she was given to me by my Uncle the day after I was born. She was my first stuffed animal and is still my favorite. My second thing is my steak knife. It was given to me by my dad, and he bought it the day I was born. I always use it when eating dinner, and i always will. My third favorite thing is my dream catcher. I made it with my dad when I was five, we used feathers and sticks that we found on the ground, it took us almost a month to finish it but I love it.

My Bizarre Memory

When i was in elementary school around 3rd grade, we had the whole family over for Christmas dinner one Christmas eve. We were opening a few of our gifts. When it was my brothers turn I felt a cool feeling as i walked passed and a few minutes later when we were looking through the photos we found a ghost next to my brother in one of them. We believe that it was my grandfather, my moms father, because he was the only one from the family that wasn't there because he had passed many years ago.
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My Favorite Smell

My favorite smell is sawdust. I used to hang out with my dad in the garage or in his shop and their was always fresh sawdust. I loved to play in it and every time i smell it, those memories come flooding back.

Inspirational Quote

My favorite inspirational quote comes from my favorite show, Doctor Who. The quote is "In 900 years of time and space, I've never meet someone who wasn't important before." That quote means to me that no matter who you are you are important. No matter what anyone says you are important.

My Menu

Breakfast: eggs, waffles, cereal, cinnamon buns, donuts, and ice cream.

Lunch: Ramon noodles , turkey, burgers, and nachos.

Dinner: chicken and rice, pork chops, chicken, baked ziti, stuffed shells, ham steak, steak, Mac and cheese, and tuna fish casserole.

Dessert: ice cream, Popsicles, frozen yogurt, donuts, and cereal.

Snacks: chips, candy, crackers, Mac and cheese.

My Favorites

My favorite actor is Robbin Williams. My favorite actress is Billie Piper. My favorite song is Dirt Road Anthem. My favorite band is Jason Aldean. My favorite athlete is Cynthia Borchardt. My favorite book is Mark of Athena. My favorite food is French fries. My favorite class is math class. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Farmerie. My best friend is Cynthia Borchardt. My favorite t.v. show is Doctor Who. My favorite car is the Porsche. My favorite summer activity is being away from my brother. My favorite weekend activity is hanging out with my friends. My favorite movie is Flubber.

My Favorite Songs

1) Dirt Road Anthem

2) Country Must Be Country Wide

3) Cruise

4) I Run To You

5) Centuries