Reasoning that avoids vagueness and contradictions.

Two Types of Logic

Deductive Reasoning - A process that begins with a general statement that more specific statements can be assumed from.

  • Generalization: The day is sunny and dry
  • Specifics: Our class can go outside for recess so that the students can use up their energy.

Inductive Reasoning - A process that begins with specific statements and general statements can be formed from it.

  • Specifics: Kids are hungry in the morning. Many of our children do not live in homes where breakfast is served. A good breakfast promotes good concentration in class.
  • Generalization: A school breakfast program will increase our children's capacity for learning.

In your philosophy you will state your beliefs in education, the back up for what you believe is the Logic branch.


Meeting the learning styles of every student in your class - It's a proven fact that students have different learning styles such as, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. A teacher could make an effort to make sure to use music int heir lessons for the auditory and to read aloud notes and have them visually written out in order to meet the needs of all the students in their classroom.