All about polar bears

Mckenzie , Alex ,Mallory

Ecosystem of a polar Bears

polar Bears live on the artic coast . It is very cold snow and ice covers all grounds . They have thick fur to live in this habit . polar Bears live alone because they need to get the food they need to survive .

Biotic and Abiotic

Polor Bears have many abiotic and biotic things about them and the world . Like for abiotic we have soil, ice and snow, sun, air, rocks. And for biotic there's underwater mammals, fish , sharks and killer whales and land animals that live in snowy weather.
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polar bear food chain

This is our polar bear food chain it has a sun ,plant,fish,seal,walrus and of course polar bears. A food chain an ordered anragement of animals and plants. the food chain has an order producer (plant) , herbivorous (fish ) and carnivorous (seals ,walrus , polar Bears )
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Polar bear food web

This is our polar bear food chain it has many animal like craw fish, seal, walrus ,polar bear and much more . Food webs are the network of a food chain in an ecosystem . In more easy word it's a web of what animals eat .

Why polar Bears should be hunted

Polar Bears should be hunted because than there be to many . They would eat all of the other animal food . There could be a scares amount of fish , seals and walrus. And polar Bears could make a big difference in there ecosystem .

I think polar Bears ?

Should be hunted because there is an over populated . They are very dangerous to be anywhere that is to close to humans .if polar bears were not hunted there would be an overpopulation of polar bears .