Streptococcus (group A) WANTED!

Micah Morley 3-21-12

Wanted: Dead or Alive!

Where: Streptococcus is commonly found in the throat and on the skin.

Deadly: The first stage isn't extremely harmful but if it goes untreated it could be severe.

Type of microb: Bacteria

How will it attack: spread with nose and throat discharges of an infected individual or with infected skin tissue.

Most common victims: mainly people that are already ill or with open cuts.

Where is it common: worldwide

What are the effects: Strep, Phenomena, skin infections, and scarlet fever.

Degree of damage caused: many get strep but that is easily treated, some ill people with cancer or other diseases are at higher risk.

Annual rate: several million a year

Weapons: washing hands frequently, keeping wounds clean, exposure to infected people should be avoided.