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What Has Mrs. Steinman Been Up To?

October was a busy month! How is it over already?......Before we know it, we will be on holiday!! Woohoo! Students at CES had opportunities to fill their dragon hearts with kindness and self love. They wrote their acts of kindness on fall leaves that dressed up our painted trees in the hallways, and they will be painting kindness rocks through art encore class. These kindness rocks will fill up our garden beds in the courtyard to help brighten the day of CES students when they need a word of encouragement. Students also had a chance to show some of their amazing traits, qualities, and hobbies that show their individuality.

November's Character Topic: Contentment

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Week 1 November 2021_Say It_Contentment

Classroom Lessons

This month is all about Contentment. Contentment is the state of being happy and satisfied. On Thanksgiving when you think about all you are grateful for, hopefully you feel a sense of contentment. Contentment isn't an excited kind of happy, it's more like a peaceful ease of mind. It's being satisfied with what you have, whatever that is.

Ways you can show contentment:

-Tell each family member why you are grateful for them.

-Write a letter to someone who you are thankful for.

-Ask a friend to share something that they are thankful for.

Important November Dates


Nov 12th: FUN RUN

Nov. 11th: Veteran's Day

Nov. 22nd-26th Thanksgiving Holiday

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How Can My Child See The Counselor?

1. Self referral. I have counseling referral slips in the classrooms (only 3rd and 4th grade) that a student may use, or students may ask their teacher if they can pay me a visit during non instructional times.

2. Teacher referral. Sometimes teachers notice that a child may be experiencing emotions that are interfering with learning.

3. Parent referral. You may send me an email or call my office.