Willie Brown Elementary News

August 25, 2017

Spirit Night @ What's the Scoop

Save the date for a Back 2 School Ice Cream Party Spirit Night!
Where: What's the Scoop
When: Tuesday, August 29th 4-8pm
What: Stop by for a yummy after school treat...ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, gluten free and more! Our school earns 25% of our sales!
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Summer Reading Log Reminder

The WBE PTA provided a summer reading log before our students left for summer break.. Forms are due by Friday, September 8. Forms must have your student's name and current teacher's name on the form. Without that information your student will not receive a prize. Prizes will be given out on September 12. The 450 reading minutes can include Reading A to Z books. The awards for reading minutes exclusively through Reading A to Z will be given in addition. Thank you for encouraging your student to this Summer!

Who's Who at WBE

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WBE School Wide "HOUSE" System

At Willie Brown Elementary, we have a HOUSE system that we organize or students and staff into. A HOUSE is a team that consists of students and staff across grade levels. This system is in place with the purpose of our students identifying with others outside of their class and grade level as they work together to embrace and model good character. We have 5 Houses that are named for one of our school-wide expectations and are associated with a specific color.

House of RESPECT = Red

House of RESPONSIBILITY = Orange

House of KINDNESS = Yellow

House of HONESTY = Green

House of PRIDE = Blue

Although we want all students and staff to exhibit these good character traits, each person is assigned to a specific house for teamwork and celebration purposes. Your child will be a part of that specific house for their entire WBE career! Students will be awarded House Points by staff when they exhibit exemplary behavior. Classroom teachers use those House Points for different awards within the classroom. School-wide, we will use them for awards and celebrations. At the end of each grading period, the whole school comes together for a House Party (pep rally) where we celebrate and reinforce the great things kids have been doing. At the House Parties, the students and staff will be grouped together by House. Ex. All students and staff in the House of Respect will sit together. Students and staff are encouraged to wear their House Color on the day of a House Party. Some students even like to wear jewelry, funny glasses, or even colored wigs for the House Party to show their House spirit. Parents will receive timely notices of upcoming House Parties. The first WBE House Party of the year will be on Friday, September 29th. You are encouraged to have your student wear their House Color on that day. Because the entire school is gathered together in one place for this party, it is not open to parents/visitors. The party consists of dancing and games…no food. We also like to show our House spirit on Friday by wearing our house color. You will see that staff does this and we would love for students to wear their house color on Friday as well.

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