Stop Talking, You're Annoying

The Soundtrack to my Life by Russell Littlejohn


This handcrafted soundtrack is dedicated to Rebecca Farmer, for making the day more pleasant and for helping me name my soundtrack. This is also dedicated to my grandmothers, Carol, for feeding my spending habits, and Barbara, for taking me in when things got rough. Last but not least, this is dedicated to the lunch crew, for making the 22 minute break hysterical.

"Ka-Ching! (Red)" by Shania Twain (3:20)

This song explains why no one has responsibility with money. And it reminds me of my problem with spending money.
Shania Twain - Ka-Ching! (Red Version)

"Impossible" by Shontelle (3:46)

This song not only relates to how life is sometimes, but also what I think when I see relationships flop after three days of "loving" each other.
Shontelle - Impossible

"FDB" by Young Dro (3:40)

This song goes out to all the people that annoy me constantly.
Young Dro - F.D.B. (Explicit)

"Goodies" by Ciara (3:43)

This song is my classic. With the help of Patricia Thompson in the 9th grade, this song became what I am known by. At any dance, whether it be an Ugly Christmas Sweater or Freshman Formal, this is always a song I have to get down to. And if you happened to be in the neighborhood of the JV locker room on Thursday's, there was a good chance you heard/saw the grind to this fine tune.
Ciara - Goodies ft. Petey Pablo

"It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls (3:31)

This is another 8th grade favorite. I learned about this song watching Scary Movie, and it has been in circulation ever since. This is the song we would get called down for in class singing. And everyone needs a good storm occasionally.
The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men

"My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" by Khia (3:42)

This is my absolute JAM. From blasting it before/after JV football games to driving down the road, to turning heads at stoplights, this song has become an all time favorite for life.
Khia - My Neck, My Back (HQ / Dirty)

"Pyramids" by DVBBS & Dropgun (Ft. Sanjin) (4:50)

I just like all of the different sounds included in this song. It's sort of like a groove.
DVBBS & Dropgun - Pyramids (ft. Sanjin) [Official Music Video]

"Roll It" by Shontelle (3:30)

This song gives great advice for life. It encourages me to just let the flow go... at times.
Shontelle - Roll (lyrics)

"Street Lights" by Kanye West (3:09)

This song brings me great comfort when I am down. I don't really know why, but it does.
Street Lights - Kanye West

"Werk Me" by Hyper Crush (3:50)

While this song brings a great beat to dance to, it's lyrics taught me a phrase I use daily now.
Hyper Crush - Werk Me

"White Trash Wedding" by The Dixie Chicks (2:20)

This song is one of my drive-thru favorites. My research has concluded that blaring a hint of bluegrass music encourages the workers to work faster, that way the music will stop. Maybe this is operant conditioning?
White Trash Wedding - Dixie Chicks

"Work (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Radio Edit)" by Kelly Rowland (3:35)

This song provides me an upbeat dance song, along with ear blistering high notes and booming bass I love to listen to going down the road. Thinking back on it, this song was what helped me through the boring spring break week of sophomore year.
Kelly Rowland - Work (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna Radio Edit)

"Shut up and Drive" by Rihanna (3:32)

This is my favorite song to listen to when I need to be focused on driving. LOL at the irony of the name. This description might be misleading to some with all of the pictures I have of us in my car...
Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive

Trey Songs - "Dive In (Rendition)" by Somo (3:58)

Because you gotta have a splash. Simply said.
Trey Songz - Dive In (Rendition) by SoMo

"Good Day" by Tyga ft. Lil Wayne & Meek Mill (3:44)

This song(beginning and chorus) just represents how I feel when I make it home from work or school without committing a felony.
Tyga - "Good Day" ft. Lil Wayne & Meek Mill - Well Done 4 (Track 4)

"Milkshake" by Kelis (3:02)

This song will always hold a place in my memory from way back when in 8th grade. One of my friends was performing the dance in the classroom when the teacher walked in. It was funny for us, but not for her. This song is a JV football pre-game song too, it has also become a song that people relate to me without thinking hard.
Kelis - Milkshake

"In Vein (feat. The Weeknd)" by Rick Ross

I enjoy this song because it (and all of the other Weeknd songs) speak to the soul and makes you feel like they feel your problems.
Rick Ross - In Vein Feat. The Weeknd (Mastermind)

"Party for Two (Remix) (feat. Mark McGrath)" by Shania Twain (3:31)

I included this song because who doesn't like a party for two? Plus it's fun to sing at the top of your lungs going down the highway.
Shania Twain - Party For Two (Remix) ft. Mark McGrath

"H*ll Yeah" by Rev Theory (4:07)

This song, not only gets me pumped up, but it also is a favorite I like to blast in the car. This song is partially the reason I have trouble hearing... And it's the Blue Mountain State theme song.
Rev Theory - Hell Yeah

"Got Me Good" by Ciara (3:52)

This song not only describes those with back pain, but also includes an upbeat jam that makes the hips move. This song holds a quite hilarious spot in my mind because of Ms. Spicer witnessing my breaking it down on the last night of the band cruise last year. Needless to say, she is probably scarred now, but it's her fault for interrupting me.
Ciara - Got Me Good

"Don't Judge Me" by Chris Brown

Although this song may be about a relationship gone wrong, the words also speak to me about not judging others, which we should all do. Plus, we shouldn't judge the basic. Because let's face it. We all have our basic moments, sometime or another.
Chris Brown - Don't Judge Me

"Not Ready To Make Nice" by Dixie Chicks (3:58)

Although I just recently learned this song, it encourages me to stand up for what I believe in. Not being afraid to stand by your mistakes and frowned upon choices is hardly found in today's time. And to see this video just brings me joy to think that people know how to take responsibility for actions others view inappropriate . And one last thing, it has found a way into conversation this week multiple times during lunch.
Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice